Trendy Pots and Planters for Spring 2020 to Use in Your Garden

Choosing the right plant pot, even for expert home gardeners, is a tough choice. A houseplant without a proper planter is just sad to look at. It almost ruins the plant. If you want to be a horticulturist, do it or don’t – at least that’s our approach. Are you looking for flower pots and planters to strategically place in your home for spring 2020 – check out these stylish modern designs.

Vintage style milk can metal planters

If you like vintage, rustic garden looks, you’ve got to check these out. For use indoors and out, these vintage milk can-shaped metal planters are great for dry flowers or potted plants. In wintertime, they can also double over to be used for other home décor as you see fit.

A vintage milk can metal planter is so welcoming to leafy friends needing a little length. If you’re searching for a pot or planter for a plant that carries some height to it, this is great contribution inside an old-style room or deck garden.

Vintage Style Milk Can Shaped Metal Planter
  • 11″x4.5″

Hanging planter with rope

For indoor or outdoor use, this hanging planter with rope adds a whole new vibe to the space. Some of the places a hanging planter like this has been used to add some green includes the kitchen, patio, living room, in a balcony garden, or in entranceways.

For smaller plants that can grow over, you can hang this from any ceiling or from a wall. Plant lovers who want to maximize their space and/or who aren’t working with a lot of space, you’re using otherwise unusable space with this fancy planter tool.

Hanging Planter with Rope
  • 9.5″ x 8.5″ x 6

Modern Boho planter in grey

The modern Boho planter style is small, ideal for displaying succulents, and is a great accent on home and office surfaces. If you’ve been waiting to find the best planter for a succulent, the modern Boho’s a great choice.

That said, you can certainly add other plants to this little pot. As a plant owner, it should be a decision entirely your own on how you wish to dress up a planter like this one. Find this modern Boho planter from

Modern Boho Planter
  • 6.1×6.25″

Artisanal planter pot

Artisanal-style flower pots and planters can add a lot to a garden space. Use them low to the ground as long as you don’t have pets wanting to eat what you’re growing. Alternatively, they can be positioned in a shelf or elevated surface.

At 8” in height, this is a modern display that matches the aforementioned small Boho planter. They’re created with the same look in mind. Some may say this artisanal planter pot is more a display piece for holding a plant than being a traditional flower pot or planter.

Artisinal Planter Pot with Wood Stand

Pick up these trendy planters and flower pots from Brighten up your space today or give it a few more weeks until the spring begins to set in. We’re almost there, can’t wait!

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