What LED Lighting is Best for a Warehouse – read here!

Warehouses are tough buildings to light. They often have few windows, high ceilings, elevated shelving, obscured perspectives, and large floor surfaces. Your warehouse lighting has to be efficient.

What type of lighting can I use for a warehouse?

An average warehouse has three options for lighting. Different environments call for different lighting systems or configurations. It is important to know the options available.

  • High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting has long been thought of as the ideal warehouse lighting option. Although the most affordable upfront cost, HID lighting isn’t best. They require warm-up and shut-down time, and power surges can create issues with them.
  • Fluorescent lighting consumes less energy than HIDs and offers more flexibility in color temperatures. The disadvantage is fluorescent lights do not perform well in extreme heat or cold, can be very unreliable, and their life span is negatively impacted by on-off cycles.
  • LED warehouse lighting is the most energy-efficient option, the most versatile, and with a longer life span than any other lighting type. The quality of light is better, they aren’t vulnerable to damage from on-off cycles like other lighting types, and they work well in extreme temperatures.

Why is LED lighting the best choice for warehouses?

LED lighting for warehouse environments accomplishes five key objectives every warehouse manager wants.

  • Controls utility costs.
  • An eco-friendly lighting choice.
  • Improves safety in the warehouse.
  • Improves work conditions.
  • Increases work productivity.

What is the best type of LED lighting?

LED lighting is perfect for warehouses. The best performance from an LED light is high-bay LED lighting. These lights use 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting systems. LEDs use minimal energy which means lower costs all-around without reducing visible conditions.

For high-ceiling demands, LED high-bay lights are the ultimate solution. Another key benefit of LEDs is they produce lower levels of heat. This means you won’t have to air-condition your warehouse to counteract the heat normal lighting fixtures create. Throughout this article, you’ll find the cost savings add up quickly!

How long does LED warehouse lighting last?

LED lighting has much, much longer life span than other warehouse lighting options. Some estimates suggest they last up to 60,000 hours and are suited to ceilings of 10 to 60 feet. From a significant height, LED high bay lighting systems provide adequate brightness directly and indirectly.

High-ceiling warehouses make it difficult to maintain lighting fixtures and switch out bulbs, understandably. A longer life span means you don’t have to get up there so often. You can maximize life span through environmental elements like dimming solutions or motion sensors. Regardless of whether you have these or not, a warehouse with LED lighting is better off than without.

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