Can’t Get to the Gym Due to Coronavirus – Stay in Shape With a Home Workout Plan!

Coronavirus has closed your gym and fitness facilities. This certainly sucks. Whether it’s a new weight loss plan, maintaining muscle growth, or simply being fit, if you’re Canadian, you don’t have access to your regular gym anymore.

Don’t be down on yourself! You can still sweat it out at home. Stay fit with the right fitness accessories and a home workout routine. We know it’s not ideal. We’re not saying it’s the best thing ever BUT until we’re given the all-clear to start working out again publicly, home workouts are your best bet. Here are a few key home workout accessories for coronavirus to pick up.

Jump Rope

Skipping is still one of the most effective cardio routines in the world. Boxers use it. MMA fighters use it. All sorts of athletes use it to keep themselves in the best cardiovascular condition of their lives. When you can’t go for a run and don’t have an elliptical or stairs to jump on, an adjustable jump skipping rope is a perfect home workout solution.

Thick Folding Exercise Mat

These are the same mats you see in a lot of gyms. They’re designed for everything from ab exercises to any sort of yoga, tai chi, tae kwon do, or rolling you have to do. Protect, create comfort, and give yourself a thick folding exercise mat to catch your best sweat.

Dual Stability Ab Wheel Roller

A lot of our strength comes from our core. The best core workouts from home during this coronavirus pandemic are found in bodyweight exercises and using this abdominal wheel roller. This isn’t meant for beginners. The ab wheel exercises are tough. That said, they’re worth it. Get strong. Watch your heart rate soar!

Resistance Band Sets

At home, you don’t have barbells, dumbbells, machines, and cardio machines. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in a challenging, high-quality workout. In addition to using a thick folding exercise mat to get through yoga, tai chi, and general cardio, resistance bands add a tremendous collection of workouts. There are dozens of full-body home workouts for resistance bands online.

Gymnastic Fitness Rings

Adjust the straps. Hang them in your basement. Get in a workout you wouldn’t expect. For gym-goers who already have everything else, look at some of the fitness ring exercises on YouTube. Though not for everybody, you will love what they add to your home workout.

The coronavirus shouldn’t dictate whether we are healthy or not or whether you can exercise or not. Let the gyms keep their doors shut. Stay in. Stay safe. Get in your home workout through fitness accessories. Contact-free delivery to your front door!

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