How Does a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Take Temperature – read here!

Temperature-taking kiosks at airports, hotels, and workplaces could very well be a reality of surviving in a post-coronavirus world.

Companies in the United States, in particular, have been taking temperatures of employees to ensure they aren’t infected with the virus. To do this, they use a digital infrared thermometer.

An infrared thermometer does not need to touch the skin to generate a temperature reading. Completely non-contact, you point and aim. That’s it. The number it gives back is arrived at by infrared laser.

Thermometers like this come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and with a variety of features. The thing that everyone, including business owners and managers, wants to know about non-contact thermometers is how they work.

To share a little bit in how they work, we’ll use’s own non-contact digital infrared forehead thermometer. This product uses infrared detecting technology, provides a reading convertible between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and is CE and FDA certified.

How thermometers like these measure temperature are by calculating the thermal radiation a person’s emitting. This can work on any object. It takes less than a second. The thermometer generates a surface scan, through lenses designed to collect infrared light and then detect temperature through sensors.

Thermometers like these have been used in some capacity for years. They’ve been used in manufacturing to verify cooling temperatures of things like plastics, metals, and ceramics. Non-contact digital thermometers have also been used in cooking and baking as well as to monitor the temperature of sick babies in medical settings.

There have been some questions around non-contact thermometer’s accuracy. The truth is devices like these wouldn’t be in play right now if they didn’t deliver an accurate reading. Thermometers have been a key tool in allowing essential businesses all over the world to continue operations.

Unfortunately, for some, a thermometer isn’t the most accurate solution in determining whether they have coronavirus or not. It is simply the best tool that exists right now. Why we say this is because it’s possible for someone to have COVID-19 and be asymptomatic. Even an asymptomatic person with COVID-19 can spread the virus.

Businesses of all kinds must do everything they can to preserve safety in the workplace for employees and customers alike. The value that a non-contact digital thermometer brings is that it tells you if anyone has a fever. A thermometer greatly reduces the likelihood of an infected person spreading the virus in a place of business. Get yours today from

Featured photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

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