Most Popular Types of Kitchen Faucets in Canada

Choosing a new kitchen faucet, you may be surprised at the diversity of options available. A number of kitchen faucet types exist. Depending on the type of sink and kitchen you have, any may be the most appropriate.

Considering that the kitchen is a crucial space to any home, your kitchen faucet matters. While some might say, ‘It’s just a fixture!’ it’s more than that to us. Here are the most popular kitchen faucets in Canada, each with its own advantages.

Tall Body Faucet

A tall body faucet is mainly used in bathrooms where you need to get your hands underneath. The height this faucet provides is its main feature. In a kitchen, while this sort of height can be desirable, other faucet types are more kitchen-appropriate.

Waterfall Faucet

A waterfall faucet is a popular type of faucet used mainly in bathrooms as well. The water essentially pools in a drain pipe aimed downwards. The water then rushes out into the sink, identical to the effects of a waterfall.

Pull-Out Faucet

A pull-out faucet resembles a regular single-handle kitchen faucet. You will find though, if you settle your grip around the tip, you can pull it out on a hose. This gives you some directional spraying capabilities which is great for commercial kitchens and dishwashing stations or small kitchen sinks.

Double Handle Faucet

Most modern faucets are single-handle faucets. That said, some are built using a double-handle faucet design which simply means there’s a faucet for cold water and one for hot. For use in kitchens and bathrooms, double-handle faucets aren’t as stylish as other models. Some households still prefer them and they certainly do the same job other faucets on this list do.

Pull-Down Spring Sprayer

Found in commercial kitchens, the pull-down single sprayer kitchen faucet gives the user movement they wouldn’t otherwise have. Aim the hose at what needs the water and move the spout with ease. The directional flow is wonderful for washing dishes and washing just about anything.

Touchless Motion Sensor Faucet

A touchless motion sensor faucet for the kitchen is convenient and requires only a wave of the hands to get started. This type of faucet can come with additional features depending on the manufacturer, including a pull-down sprayer. The only downside is that it is one of the more expensive kitchen faucets available.

Search out the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen space at Each are distinct in their operations and offer benefits. Keep these faucet types in mind, there’s something for every kitchen on this list. Remember, your faucet is one of the most often-used and hardworking components to your kitchen. Visit today and choose yours.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

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