5 Ways You Can Help Your Feet Look And Feel Better At the End of A Long Day

Feet hurt. They just do. At the end of a long day of standing on our feet, the result isn’t pretty. Anything that can make the ‘ouch’ a little better is worth exploring. We are proud to offer a number of products at Living.ca to help a little bit with what we’re talking about.

Whether you’re in high heels all day, working hard as an athlete or doing physical work, or are standing in a single location all day putting together product, these are 5 ways you can help minimize the feeling of sore feet.

Invisible Gel Cushions

If you’re wearing heels, invisible gel cushions will reduce pressure on the toes and metatarsal. Altogether, they give more comfort to some of the most sensitive areas of your foot. Made from medical-grade silicone gel, you can use it again and again. They would quickly at resolving discomfort and pain in the foot.

Insulating Thermal Insoles

Throughout the winter months, use insulating thermal insoles if you’re working outside. They’re warm, soft, and made of three layers – warm fabric, insulating foam, and cold-preventative foil. These insoles are customizable to the exact side of your foot and are meant to be cut to fit. A guide’s provided with the insoles to make it easy to do.

Gel Orthotic Arch Support

This one goes out to athletes, gym-goers, runners, and anyone wearing sports shoes. This gel orthotic arch support shoe pad relieves heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis pain, and also reduces foot fatigue. By wearing and cutting them to size, you get more shock absorption and cushioning for your foot which makes activities like playing sports, hiking, and working so much easier.

Shoe Deodorant Capsules

Nothing’s worse than smelling someone else’s foot odor. For the sake of anyone else living with you, consider a deodorizer of some kind. You have some options. A pill-shaped deodorant capsule releases a bactericidal fragrance. There are fragrant sneaker balls with fit into any footwear, boots, gym bag, backpack, etc. Either works. This way, you’re being proactive in removing odors before they accumulate into something borderline unmanageable.

two white-blue capsule-shape shoe dryers
Shoes Deodorant Capsule Shape Shoe Dryer Deodorizer, 2Pcs/Pack – LIVINGbasics™

Silicone Gel Toe Separator

A silicone gel toe separator is meant to protect your feet in various ways – aiding anyone with hallux valgus, bunions, and/or seeking a thumb orthopedic brace. Relieve pain from bent or overlapping toes and help your foot regain its natural shape. The separator is soft, comfortable, and easily worn. Consider it if any of the conditions mentioned affect your day-to-day.

Shop these foot care accessories and others at Living.ca today. Feet are a tricky thing. They withstand so much abuse. It’s a miracle they don’t hurt more. In your question for pain-free feet, we’re happy to offer at least a few products that may help. Visit Living.ca.

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