8 Surprising Ways You Can Use A Steam Cleaner

Chemical-free cleaning. That’s what you get with a steam cleaner.

As it turns out, steam is just as effective as most consumer-based cleaning chemicals and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. There isn’t a more eco-friendly and natural way to clean than with a steam cleaner.

How a steam cleaner works is by using small vapor molecules to dislodge everything from dirt to grease and stains. It’s extreme heat and it’ll eliminate mold, dust mites, bacteria, and germs instantly. Here are some of the more surprising ways you can use a steam cleaner.

Clean Floors

Steam cleaners do work on floors but you have to be careful. Over time, they can dull any hardwood finish. Ideally, you only want to use it on sealed tile and selectively elsewhere.

Clean Windows

Any sort of windows or glass can be cleaned using steam. The process is very quick and straightforward. Just bring with you some paper towels or a microfiber cloth to catch the resulting moisture. A wipe after and you’re done.

Clean Carpet

Dirt and debris in carpet is no match for a portable steam cleaner. In fact, steam cleaning is exactly how professional carpet cleaners do it. A smaller steam cleaner isn’t feasible for an entire carpet cleaning session but for individual spots, it works exceptionally well.

Handheld Steam Cleaner

Clean Sinks, Tubs, and Showers

All sorts of gook can get caked onto a bathtub or the side of the sink. A steam cleaner works to loosen these materials. It’s a far easier process than tackling it with a sponge and excessive scrubbing.

Clean Mattresses

Even with a sheet on, mattresses get notoriously dirt. Sweat, dirt, stains, and spills happen. Unfortunately, it’s usually not until we take the sheet off that we see the true extent of what’s occurred. Mattresses can be steam-cleaned as an effective way to remove stains and for restoration.

Clean Clothes

The most common steam cleaner use in the world is to freshen clothes and garments. A full-size stand steam cleaner is perfect to do your ironing quickly and more efficiently. Smooth out any wrinkles and kill bacteria. It does it in seconds.

Clean An Oven

Steam is a natural cleaning tool that also happens to work on ovens and stovetops. Foods that bake onto these materials are tough to get off, even with all the might behind a sponge and scrubber. A steam cleaner uses a high level of heat to gently clear away these tough-to-eliminate materials.

Clean Your Vehicle

Steam cleaning in a car can literally bring it back to looking like new. From the carpet to the leather trim, seats, and upholstery, you can sanitize everything in your car and kill any and all bacteria that could be causing illness and odors.

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