How to Create the Perfect Rustic Home Décor Design for Your Space

Rustic home décor is a very specific approach to interior design.

Homeowners describe ‘rustic’ differently. Words like ‘vintage’, ‘cabin’, ‘old-style’, and ‘traditional’ are all associated with this style of home décor.

The defining characteristics of rustic home décor are that a lot of natural elements are used, coziness is prioritized, and typically the arrangement of furniture and accents are done busily rather than adhering to minimalist-inspired rules.

Here is how to create a rustic home décor arrangement without having to break the bank.

Rough And Natural

Rustic isn’t always pretty. It can be rough, natural, aged, and casual. As long as it’s cozy, this is ideally the look you want.

Knowing that, consider materials like wood, bricks, stones, and even plants. By complementing your home with rustic accents and traditional materials, you move further towards a result that doesn’t need to work particularly hard to appear gorgeous.

Use Wood When Possible

Wood pieces, logs, wood slices, custom wood furniture, and wood chips.

These are some examples of wood home décor accents and elements that you can use to heighten the rustic charm of your home. Partner that with wood doors, windows, and/or flooring and you’ve got a unifying material to build on.

Soft, Furry Textures

Rustic is not just in a visual. It’s in feel and touch as well. Consider textures that are warm, soft, furry, and winter-friendly.

Especially if you have guests on a regular basis, they will appreciate the warmth and coziness of textures around them that are soft. Look to the couch and seating areas for where to put your most comfortable accents.

A Colorless Canvas

If you’re focused on having the best rustic home décor possible and highlighting that, it can be distracting when the walls are painted an unnatural color or when you have a lot of unnatural colors mixed in.

A rustic home décor design really needs to be committed to. Consider a white paint across all walls to give you a fresh space to work with.


We aren’t saying to throw out your lamps and tech devices, with this idea.

That said, in the right moment, candles can offer a source of rustic lighting that helps to facilitate that sort of rough-and-tumble atmosphere a lot of homeowners want. Have them for when you need them.

Rustic doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. It’s whatever you want it to be. Create a décor schematic for your home that matches your style and vision. Get your home décor accents, furniture, and more today from

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