Are Silicone Spatulas Safe to Use In The Kitchen

Silicone spatulas, utensils, and silicone accessories are becoming more and more common in kitchens across Canada. If you have concerns about the quality of silicone and potential reactions in using so much silicone around food, let us reassure you. Silicone is an excellent and safe material to use in the kitchen.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic rubber. It is made with bonded silicone and oxygen. Bonded silicone is a natural element, common in sand and rock. Silicone kitchen accessories may resemble a chemically-based product but they are very natural and safe.

Why is Silicone So Popular in Kitchens?

The benefits of silicone are so that they make the perfect ingredient to make bakeware and cookware from.

  • Silicone is heat-resistant which allows you to use it at high-heat without any melting, hazardous fumes, and impact on the food you’re making.
  • Silicone is cold-resistant to an extent, so much so that it is as safe for the freezer as it is to an oven.
  • Silicone will not release any flavors or odors that would impact food quality. This keeps anything you’re cooking free from contamination.
  • Silicone spatulas and the like are bought predominantly for convenience rather than environmental sustainability. They are non-stick and are very easy to clean. Food-grade silicone is generally good to put into a dishwasher as well.

What Temperature is Silicone Safe At?

The upward limits of what food-grade silicone can tolerate vary product to product. As a rule, consider 220 Celsius – or 428 Fahrenheit – as the maximum heat tolerance for a silicone kitchen accessory.

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Does Silicone Produce Chemical Fumes?

According to extensive analysis, including by Health Canada, silicone is not found to product hazardous fumes. They also do not react with food or beverages and are considered safe to employ in the kitchen.

Is Food-Grade Silicone Recyclable?

Silicone cannot be recycled in our current waste management streams. That said, silicone is reusable. It is favored by many environmentalists for its ability to replace disposables or lesser-quality kitchen tools.

Is Silicone Safer Than Non-Stick Cookware?

Food-grade silicone is considered a safe alternative – much safer – than non-stick cookware typically treated with ingredients like perfluorooctanoic acid or other materials that are either chemical-based or present a higher risk than silicone.

What Can You Buy in Food-Grade Silicone?

The most popular silicone kitchen products right now include things like muffin tins, baking mats, ice cube trays, pastry brushes, spoons, spatulas, cake pans, and more. From its heat resistance and flexibility to the simplicity involved in cleaning it, food-grade silicone gets an A+ from us.

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