Why You Need An LED Mirror For Your Bathroom

Every morning, you wake up and shuffle off to the bathroom. Before you head out for the day, you’ve got your hair just right, your skin is moisturized and ready to face the sun, and you are looking your best. This all happens around your bathroom mirror.

When your bathroom isn’t the largest or is itself in tight quarters, your bathroom mirror is more important than ever.

You want a mirror that is large enough and with enough light to give you a total glimpse of everything you’re working with at a given moment. That’s why a bathroom LED mirror makes the most sense.

No Leaning

A lot of us tend to lean in over the skin and up close to our mirror for better visibility. An LED bathroom mirror doesn’t tend to have this same dynamic due to the increased lighting. This minimizes any discomfort you may be putting yourself through just to put on some makeup.

Let There Be Light!

An ultra-thin bathroom LED mirror is lighted. You don’t need more light than that. It uses LEDs around its perimeter, similar to a ring light. This gives you full light across your face, highlighting everything and leaving nothing to hide.


The elegantly-styled Living.ca bathroom LED mirror is anti-fog from the inside to outside. Stepping out of a long hot shower shouldn’t make it impossible to use your mirror. This is one of the more advantageous features of a high-tech mirror.

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Mount It With Ease

Some bathroom mirrors can take a lot of work to install but modern bathroom mirrors are lightweight and much easier to set up. A frameless bathroom mirror can be set up horizontally or vertically, adaptable to the available space that you have and providing some customization options.

It’s A Digital Mirror

Buying a digital LED bathroom mirror, you can personalize the sort of light you’re getting to the room. Adjust the brightness. Adjust the color. Have white light, warm light, or natural light. Gain control over how you’re lighting your bathroom.

Choose Your Size

Select either a 24-and-32 inch mirror or a 28-and-36 inch mirror. Taking into account it can be installed upright or on its side, this gives you lots of area to play with. You may even choose to mount it in your bedroom, in the hallway, or somewhere other than over your sink.

Living.ca is all about offering practical, transformative, and tech-friendly accessories to bathrooms, daily routines, and other common-use areas of the home. Whether it’s a new LED bathroom mirror or a sink fixture, shop all this and more at Living.ca. Upgrade to a prettier bathroom today.

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