How to Use A Salad Spinner to Make Your Salads Even Better

Using a salad spinner is an underrated salad prep step. It will not only wash your greens but separate the water from the leaves, providing you with freshly cleaned lettuce and greens to create a salad from.

Do I Really Have to Wash Salad Greens?

In an effort to speed things up, a lot of people skip the part about washing their lettuce. Unfortunately, this creates a risk of bacteria like E. coli and foodborne illnesses being transferred into your salad. Produce can come into contact with this bacteria either in the soil or through handling.

Especially if you’re buying fresh lettuce that isn’t in a bag, be sure to wash it. The fresher your greens are, the more they will need a wash. It’s a part of food safety and the right thing to do. Salad prep sets always include salad spinners and with a salad spinner, the process goes much quicker.

From the perspective of taste and texture, why we use a salad spinner is because when your lettuce is dry, salad dressing – especially organic or homemade varieties – will stick to the leaves far easier.

What Does A Salad Spinner Do?

A salad spinner spins your greens. They get tossed back in forth inside a container that’s inside another container.

How a salad spinner works is similar to straining except the spinning allows you to do it more efficiently. You rotate the spinner rapidly and excess water is spun off the leaves. This water is collected in the base of the spinner and can then be deposited.

Salad spinners first became popular and commercially available in the 1970s. Since then, as consumer behaviour has increasingly moved towards healthier eating and more salads, salad spinners have only gained in popularity.

Today, salad spinners are in high demand, they sell out frequently, and are a common kitchen gadget for vegetarians, vegans, salad lovers, and athletes and people focused on fitness and self-management of their health.

Though they make them in various sizes, we recommend a larger-sized salad spinner. If you regularly make salads for company or do a lot of food prep work for yourself, you will want something that can help you make a large salad.

A 4.7L salad spinner is more than enough space to clean and dry lettuce, spinach, and greens.

The salad spinner uses a pump mechanism and brake button and disassembles for cleaning. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, it’s a no-brainer to buy a salad prep set or individual salad spinner if you’re a big fan of salads. You spin with one hand and in minutes, you’re done!

Shop salad spinners and more at You won’t regret having a gadget like this allow you to prep salads faster and without compromise.

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