How to Build A Cheap Home Gym

Home gyms are a space filled with high-tech gadgets, $1,000-worth gym equipment, cardio machines, and fitness equipment that can easily add up to a ton of money.

This doesn’t even address the amount of space you will need to enjoy all this equipment.

There is a much, much easier way to enjoy a home gym. Build it on the cheap. Start with a designated space and consider the sorts of things that you could blend in. Here are some affordable home gym ideas courtesy of

Tri-Fold Gym Mat

A tri-fold gym mat is thicker than a yoga mat and can be used to perform all sorts of exercises. Especially if you’re someone with sensitive hips, chronic pain, or are overweight, a tri-fold gym mat’s the first step to getting you motivated to work out.

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises on a gym mat can be your main workout. There are more general bodyweight exercises a la push-ups. Then, you have dozens of exercise-from-home routines available on YouTube for yoga, tai chi, and similar fitness programs.

Resistance Straps

Resistance straps offer you the chance to work triceps, biceps, legs, chest, and back without picking up a weight. When you buy resistance bands or resistance straps, they come at different intensity levels which allows you to build up strength and endurance one day at a time.

Gymnastic Rings

With gymnastic rings or fitness rings, you give yourself a little assistance in performing various exercises from home. Like resistance straps and bands, all you need is something to hook it on. From there, you open up a whole range of exercises that can challenge your fitness level.

Gym Ball

A blow-up fitness ball helps you with balance and coordination, and subsequently increases difficulty across a range of exercises. You can also use it to substitute a bench in certain cases, though we do not recommend combining heavy weights with a ball.

Smart Jump Rope

A smart jump rope hooks up to your smartphone app and lays out some fitness data on your performance. Burn more calories than a treadmill, elliptical, walking, or jogging can. Several routines exist for jump rope.

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Smart Hoola Hoop

A hoola hoop with Bluetooth connectivity works similarly to your smart jump rope. You choose a routine and get to measure your performance in real-time. An underrated workout method, a smart hoola hoop is well worth having with you if you’re looking to mix up your cardiovascular exercise day-to-day at home.

All of this cheap home gym equipment is available for pennies compared to multi-station equipment that you know is going to sit in your home unused. Motivate yourself with easy and affordable workout equipment. Get your fitness accessories now at

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