Buy This One Item To Make Your Workouts More Fun And Tolerable On The Body

The enjoyability of a workout is everything. If you aren’t liking what you’re doing, there’s more chance you’re going to drop your fitness goals and stop exercising. That’s just the truth of the matter. It doesn’t matter who you are. You’ve got to enjoy it.

The one fitness accessory that a lot of workouts can’t be done without is a fitness mat of some kind. Most people will go grabbing for a yoga mat initially. A proper yoga mat is a high-quality mat, for sure. They aren’t made for every workout though nor every person.

A much more reliable option is a tri-fold exercise mat. This is a more heavy-duty gym mat with cushion.

How A Tri-Fold Gym Mat Can Make Your Workout More Fun

When you’re in pain, nothing’s fun. Pain isn’t a little burn on an ab workout. Pain is debilitating, varying from bone and joint pain to muscles feeling like they’re being stabbed or torn.

A tri-fold gym mat is thick and stable. There’s enough in its design to prevent you from feeling like you’re working out on the floor. The floor is hard and tough. Especially for older folks, pregnant women, athletes who are coming back from injuries, and anyone with a pain-related chronic condition, they shouldn’t be rolling around on the floor in pain doing exercises that are causing more harm than good.

  • Protect your knees.
  • Protect your hips.
  • Give your feet some cushion to sink into.
  • Maintain your balance.
  • Ease the stress off joints and muscles where you don’t want the pressure on.

What Exercises Can You Do On A Thick Exercise Mat?

A thick PHAT exercise mat offers the safety that a cheap yoga mat can’t. Here are some fitness options to try with your tri-fold mat.

  • You can do yoga on a tri-fold gym mat. You’ll have more cushion for your knees, feet, elbows, and back. It will be a much more comfortable workout.
  • You can go gymnastics on a tri-fold mat, so long as you have enough of them to carry out movements.
  • MMA and wrestling gyms use these same kinds of mats to do grappling and training on, although understandably this is probably not your go-to exercise.
  • Bodyweight exercises use the weight on your frame to do simple movements. A leather mat is perfect for this, offering you the protection to get into key positions and go for extended periods.

There are hundreds of exercise routines on YouTube you can do for free. Customize your fitness regimen. Keep things interesting. Do what you can. That’s the best advice. Do what you can. A little bit of movement is better than no movement at all.

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