6 Easy Ways To Use Wall Decals Around Your Home

Peel-and-stick wall decals are a fun home décor addition that can really color up a space. Although wall decals are normally associated with specific areas, there are plenty of inspiring alternative uses of them as well.

This quick list of ways to use wall decals around your home highlights a mix of standard and unexpected techniques to decorate.


A full-scale mural of wall decals acting as wallpaper can color up a single wall surrounded by plain, undecorated surfaces. They can also be used to craft shapes or patterns, or to create smaller areas in an open-concept room. As wallpaper, you can go wild. Cover as much space as you like.


Just like you look to your walls, try the ceiling as well. A collection of peel-and-stick wall decals across a part of your ceiling gives the impression of separation. This looks great in any master bedroom or recreation room.

Storage Shelving

Many people use shelves throughout their home. In living rooms. In bedrooms. If they’re looking a little empty, peel and stick some wall decals at the back of your storage organizers, shelving, kitchen cabinets, or any sort of open shelves.

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Add a few wall decals on your stairs to provide a unique, eye-catching look as you walk up. Although one has to be careful not to have your stairs resemble a backsplash or a bathroom wall, the right pattern can look very abstract and artistic.

Create Art

Creative wall decals can be used in a variety of art. You can apply them to wood panels and craft hang-on-the-wall artwork. You can spread them across individual pieces of wood and suspend them from the ceiling with mounts or hooks and string. You can even use them as unexpected flooring for a treehouse, dog room, cat room, or something similar. Build your own ultimate creation!

Kids’ Room

A kids’ room should be colorful, fun, and stylish to the child. Try wall decals that have a kid-friendly pattern, image, or letters and words. Dream up a decal setup that interests you and which maximizes the available space in a kids’ room.

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to spice up a room, a part of your home, or an item. They peel and stick, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Shop yours today at ShopperPlus.ca and buy your wall decals in Canada online. With fast shipping to anywhere in Canada, we make home renovations and decorating easy.

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