What You Need In A Bathroom Medicine Cabinet – See The List!

Some medicine cabinet essentials you always want to have in stock. You never know when you will need them until you absolutely need them. From medications to medical supplies and everyday bathroom items, use this as your quick medicine cabinet checklist.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are used when someone has dry eyes or is going through an eye issue where drops can help.

Upset Stomach Medicine

Have something like calcium carbonate for heartburn and antacids for indigestion ready to go. Even if you don’t normally use these, you don’t know when you may have a guest that does.


Keep a thermometer in your wall-mounted medicine cabinet. You can test for fevers. Consider buying other testers like an oxometer and things which can be used to alert you something’s wrong before you feel it.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Some hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean cuts and wounds is an important tool to have. When you need it most, you’ll want it there. It will help sanitize any injuries like this before bandaging them.

Ointments And Creams

You may want to keep in your medicine cabinet various ointments and creams for different situations. These include calamine lotion for itchy skin, hydrocortisone cream, and antibiotic cream.


Have some bandages of various sizes ready to pull from. When there’s a cut or injury, a bandage is a necessity.

Nail Clippers And Tweezers

There are a few fairly standard personal care items you want to ensure are in your bathroom cabinet. Nail clippers and tweezers both fit the list. So do thermometers, safety pins, a pair of scissors, and cotton balls and Q-tips.

Oral Medications

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen are three over-the-counter pain-killing medications that can help you contend with headaches and injuries. Just remember to take them at safe dosages.

Prescription Medications

You may have prescribed medications that you take daily or as needed. These can be kept in your medicine cabinet, however, be careful with expiry dates. Expired medications aren’t guaranteed to work as intended. If you have expired meds, toss them and replace if you so desire.

Summer Favorites

You may have other things you want to keep in your bathroom medicine cabinet, like insect repellant and sunscreen. These are certainly well worth having on-hand and can last for years untouched.

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