7 Best Ways To Organize Your Home From ShopperPlus.ca

The right storage can drastically transform your home. From cluttered and unappealing to cute and clean, here are a few of the items that you can use to store and organize things in your household while still keeping them accessible.

Fabric 5-Drawer Storage Unit

A lot of the organizers on this list are made partially with fabric. Treated fabric protects against spills, stains, and makes organizers affordable for parents and families looking to clean up baby toys, craft supplies, and whatever else. This fabric 5-drawer storage unit is perfect for every room.

Fabric 6-Drawer Storage Unit

The fabric 6-drawer storage unit is sturdy and durable, and multi-functional. With six drawers of equal size, it can be used in a work-from-home office, bathroom, bedroom, or leisure space. Utilizing these drawers, you can always keep things together all in one place.

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Double Bin Laundry Hamper

This double bin laundry hamper finally gives you a place to toss your dirty clothes without hesitation. The magnetic lid, when shut, contains any smells or unnecessary visuals as well. When laundry time comes around, you’re set. Just empty it and go. No picking up dirty laundry on the floor anymore.

DIY Plastic Wardrobe Closet

A DIY plastic wardrobe closet is not just for clothes and personal items. You can use modular shelving and cubes like this for just about anything, i.e. baby toys, bathroom supplies, as a makeshift pantry, or for general storage.

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit

A heavy-duty shelving unit like this is made from steel. It looks just as natural in your kitchen or bedroom as it will in the garage. When you have a lot of large, bulky items that need to be put into some form of organization, a five-tier shelf like this can handle it. It makes the most of any available space, going from the floor to nearly the ceiling.

Over-The-Toilet Storage Rack

One of the smartest places you can have put a bathroom storage rack is over the toilet. A three-tier shelf like this provides a place to put your bathroom products, extra towels and washcloths, essential oil diffusers, and anything else you’d like to have with you in this common room.

Multi-Use DIY 4-Cube Storage

One of the cheapest and most popular storage organizers for families, parents, and young professionals is this type of DIY cube wire grid organizer. They come in sets of four and can be doubled, tripled, or continually added on to. This is an easy way to create storage in your household wherever it’s needed.

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