When Is It Time To Move From A Mini-Greenhouse To A Large Walk-In Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a key investment for beginner gardeners, allowing you to grow seeds more efficiently and introduce healthy, ready-to-be-planted greenery into your garden when they’re ready.

There are two main types of greenhouses – the mini and a walk-in. Both offer similar plant experiences but in terms of which one is better for you, it comes down to your preferences and what’s possible on your property.

Here is a quick look at both mini-greenhouses and walk-in greenhouses and why both are opportunities for general greenhouse gardening.

Benefits Of A Mini-Greenhouse

A mini-greenhouse is obviously quite small. If you aren’t growing very much or are just starting greenhousing or gardening, there’s probably not much reason to go larger than a mini.

Lightweight and portable, a mini greenhouse can be moved from room to room very easily. Its shelves are sturdy and removable, and all in all, it’s a very adaptable piece of furniture. It can be set up outside or brought indoors as needed and can be used year-round to keep plants maintained and warm.

Benefits Of A Walk-In Greenhouse

A large walk-in greenhouse offers much, much more space which allows you to not only grow more plants but larger ones as well. You can do small-to-medium-sized trees and the like with what’s available.

A walk-in greenhouse provides the same performance as a mini-greenhouse in terms of letting sunlight through and keeping things warm. You get the same air circulation and protection from pests which all ensures your plants are kept in tip-top shape. The only downside with a large greenhouse like this is that it’s not portable.

Which Greenhouse Do You Need?

Size and portability are the two real differentiators here. If you are just beginning, a walk-in greenhouse may be overly large. If you have the space though and know you’ll be expanding your garden, it may make sense.

Buying a mini-greenhouse, you may also discover you need more space. A second mini greenhouse can fulfill that or you may decide to move to the larger walk-in.

The alternative with this can happen as well wherein your walk-in greenhouse ends up looking very empty because, as it turns out, you didn’t need so much space for your garden.

There are many different ways to use a greenhouse and once you’re experienced, a walk-in greenhouse certainly can work wonders and is the way to go if you’re truly serious about gardening long-term. That said, a mini-greenhouse probably will be what most people choose considering the space savings, its lightness and portability, and it offers plenty of space for seedlings and more.

Shop both greenhouse types at ShopperPlus.ca today and see what a little bit of heat, sunlight, humidity, and temperature control can do for the seeds you’re trying to sprout into full-blown greenery.

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