The Best Camping Chairs For Your Next Wilderness Trip

For every body type, there is a camping chair out there for you. Whether you suffer from daily aches and pains or are in otherwise decent health and young, they make camping chairs for everyone. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry even though it can seem like that from the outside.

If you don’t think you really need a camping chair, think again. They are a major help as you set up the fire, relax in between flipping foods on the BBQ, or just need some place a little more comfortable to sit after a long day’s work that isn’t the ground or a picnic table.

There are four main types of camping chairs, each with a different level of comfort and usability.

Foldable Stools

If you enjoy hiking, camping, or are on foot for the majority of your travels, a foldable stool is packable, takes up minimal space in your bag, and provides a hard surface on which you can relax.

Though handy, they are far from the most comfortable. If you are young, on-the-go, and don’t necessarily want to shell out for anything pricier or shapely, at least having a stool will give you somewhere you can sit.

Folding Camping Chair With Armrests And Cup Holder

A folding camping chair with a cup holder and armrests is your very basic camping chair. It is foldable which allows for easy packing. It gives you a place to put a beverage and helps to support your shoulders after a day’s work.

For most people, this will be the camping chair they want. This is a great choice for all ages.

Portable Camping Moon Chair

A portable camping moon chair is easy to set up, lightweight, and portable. It brings you a little closer to the ground when seated and is made from high-grade aluminum poles and breathable soft net seating. It folds down and fits in a single hand.

This one is more tailored towards outdoor activities, i.e. hiking, picnics, fishing, and, yes, camping.

Portable Camping Chair With Headrest

Some people enjoy a chair with a headrest. This is one of the higher-end models. Similar in make to the moon chair, this portable camping chair with headrest breaks down easily and is characterized by its high back. It is similar in some ways to an upright hammock in the way it surrounds the body.

Some may find other chairs more comfortable but this design is well known for its emphasis on supporting the body and a high level of relaxation.

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