Kayak, Raft, Or Paddle Board, Which One Do You Need?

Exploring the waters in the warmer months is an activity that’s a nice way to breathe in the outdoors.

You’ve got some options on how you can do that. A kayak is a versatile instrument but rafts and paddle boards also exist. What you choose depends on what you want from your outdoor excursion.

When Is A Kayak The Best Choice?

An inflatable kayak is a single-person method of traveling down a body of water. Ideally, a kayaker has some sort of destination in mind or knows the route of the river. They are best on medium-sized, non-dangerous lakes and rivers.

A kayak, unless otherwise designed, has a very small amount of space. It’s often single-person designed as well.

If you enjoy controlling your own boat, a kayak provides optimum control and lets you move quickly across the water in a similar sensation one gets driving a fast car. You can adjust the movement and direction as you go along.

When Is A Raft The Best Choice?

A Battle Bomber inflatable raft is perfect for short-distance travels or just enjoy a casual hourly excursion. If you don’t have a destination in mind or want to explore a recreational area, an inflatable raft works.

There is also lots of space in a raft to carry things, providing you the chance to get out on the water and relax.

Although this isn’t as durable as a hard, solid boat, an inflatable raft is worth the money if you’re experimenting with being out on the water or you don’t want to go all-out and buy something expensive.

When Is The Paddle Board The Best Choice?

An inflatable paddle board is wide, stable, and designed to provide a flat surface for you to maintain balance on while standing.

Paddle boards are used for stand-up journeying, doing yoga on the water, doing some surfing, and even fishing. It is a very fitness-oriented activity, aka stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). Challenging but also calming, this is a very different way to experience the water.

Of these three options, a paddle board probably takes the most thought because you’re committing to something that takes time to master. A kayak is more for directional travel. An inflatable raft is more for enjoying an area in the water. A paddle board is an all-out activity. predetermined and purposeful.

What you choose for your outdoor experience is up to you. All three options provide ample opportunities to play and take in the water, varying in difficulty levels. With friends or on your own, the calmness of the water is something every person can enjoy. Visit ShopperPlus.ca today for outdoor activity products like inflatable single-person kayaks, paddle boards, and inflatable rafts.

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