The Best Laundry Hamper For Your Room

Laundry is quite the chore. To make it a little easier on yourself, a laundry hamper is an essential item. Anyone seeking to pull off a functional, stylish bedroom space best look at setting up a hamper or laundry basket to catch all those messy, dirty clothes that would normally sit on the floor.

Here are some of the most stylish laundry hampers you can buy for your bedroom from

Foldable Laundry Bin

Unlike a lot of the other hampers on this list, the SortWise foldable laundry bin is a single compartment. It catches everything – light, darks, etc. Inside, you have a removable liner. The magnetic lid also prevents smells from escaping. Durable and lightweight, it helps to keep dirty clothes out of sight.

SortWise Double Laundry Bin

The SortWise double laundry bin is like the previous entry except it has two compartments. It’s excellent if you’re living with a romantic partner and you want to keep laundry contained but separate. It’s also a great choice if you just want to keep lights and darks apart. The same removable liners, magnetic lid, and other features are duplicated in this organizer as well.

Dark-Light-Color Laundry Basket Bag

The dark-light-color laundry basket bag is another entry from SortWise. This time you have three compartments ensuring you never have to separate lights and darks in front of the washer again. As an added bonus, when not in use, this folds flat and can be put into storage. A triple laundry hamper like this is arguably the best laundry hamper to buy for most homes and bedrooms.

4-Bag Rolling Cart Laundry Sorter

The 4-bag rolling cart laundry hamper is made for multi-person households. If you have kids and there’s a big laundry day coming up, if you want to keep the kids clothes separate or, alternatively, keep your clothes separate, you have 4 separate units here on a rolling cart that’s easily moved throughout your space. The same rolling cart laundry hamper designed is available for three bags as well.

Safdie & Co. Laundry Bags

Made from polyester, the Safdie & Co. laundry bag is an oversized fabric laundry hamper designed with a small opening at the top. It collapses for easy use, is lined with polypropylene inside, and also collapses. It is a highly stylish hamper that is sure to suit most condos or small apartments.

Don’t ever have to bend over to pick up a sock off the floor again. When you’re done wearing them, put all your clothes in a laundry hamper from and keep your room organized. You’ll make laundry day go by so much faster.

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