What Is The Best Beginner Skateboard; Cruiser, Standard, or Longboard?

Do you want to start skateboarding – it’s never too late to start!

For beginners, the first thing to learn is what skateboard’s best for what you want to do. There are cruiser boards, standard skateboards, and longboards. They all have their purpose. Here is a glimpse into what the best skateboard for beginners is and why.

Standard Skateboard

A standard skateboard has a popsicle-like shape, ideal for performing all sorts of tricks. They are lightweight, on small wheels, and easy to move quickly on them. The big challenge for a person starting out will be learning how to balance on them.

For the person who wants to do tricks and street skating tricks, a standard skateboard is what to get.

Longboards For Beginners

A longboard is totally different from a standard size 8.5” skateboard. Longboards can be up to 33” and even bigger. You have a long deck, large wheels, and they are generally heavy, prioritizing comfort and stability above things like tricks.

If you buy a longboard, know that it’s usually a board that beginners like to use or if you are concerned about balancing issues. If you happen to be carrying a little more weight on your frame as well, the design is meant to handle heavier adults so that can be a bonus if you’re searching smaller standard boards and wondering if they can hold you.

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Why Cruiser Skateboards Are The Best

For a lot of beginners, cruiser skateboards are the better choice for them. They are for, well, cruising. A medium size, you get a lot of the balance of a longboard with the speed of a skateboard that’s standard in size.

Cruiser skateboards absorb shock better, have large wheels, and are great for skating around neighborhoods and streets.

What Skateboard Is Right For Me?

If you still aren’t sure what skateboard’s best, there are still a few things to check out.

Look at where you’ll be skating and what you want to do with your board. If it’s for tricks, a standard skateboard is it. If it’s getting from point A to point B, a cruiser board is best. It’s all up to you.

Beginners start on all types of boards and, in time, you can learn how to ride these types as well as others. You may even want to check out YouTube tutorials on how to ride or speak to skateboarders in your local area to see what they might recommend.

Shop high-quality skateboards for beginners at ShopperPlus.ca. Prepare carefully. Ensure you have the protective gear you need and don’t overdo it. Take it slow. Get comfortable. Your skateboarding journey awaits.

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