Why Buy All-Natural, Vegan Cleaning Supplies From Attitude Over Other Brands?

The cleaning industry is populated by a wide variety of products, from non-toxic, vegan alternatives from up-and-coming brands like Attitude to chemical-based favourites from established retail-supported brands.

Although we all want our cleaning supplies to work, perhaps above all else, new brands like Attitude are offering cleaners made exclusively with natural and vegan ingredients. To many consumers, this marks an improvement over what’s been available for so long.

Buying cleaning supplies is shifting and there are a lot of reasons why.

Why Natural Cleaning Supplies Are Better

  • All-natural cleaners have fewer allergens which makes them great for commercial cleaning. They carry less of a risk as the scent and substance of these cleaners stay in an environment.
  • Natural ingredients tend to be easier on the skin and are non-toxic so if you’re around cleaners often, you may not experience the same issues with regards to health, safety, and comfort.
  • Cleaning supplies that use strictly natural ingredients are biodegradable. They are a lot easier to handle from our environment and do not cause as much harm as chemicals which aren’t able to be reabsorbed into nature in the same way.
  • A lot of all-natural cleaning supplies brands also focus on eco-friendly packaging. These brands make it a point to do what they can to minimize their environmental footprint, important no doubt from the perspective of why shoppers buy these products.
  • They work! Why would you use a chemical when you can use something natural – you wouldn’t. Brands like Attitude produce highly effective cleaners based exclusively on natural ingredients.

Why Vegan Cleaning Supplies Are Better

Many cleaning supplies, i.e. household cleaners, contain on average 5-10 animal-derived ingredients. Caprylic acid is sourced from milk. Tallow is rendered beef fat. Lecithin is waxy nervous tissue. There are dozens of examples like this.

  • With Attitude vegan cleaning products, no animals are harmed or sourced to make them.
  • No animals are used to test vegan cleaning products. Animal testing is frequently used when testing cleaning supplies, from testing for irritation to feeding animals small amounts examining toxicity.
  • When you buy vegan cleaning supplies, you are making the ethical choice over the standards of the chemical cleaning industry.
  • They work! Just like with all-natural cleaners, vegan cleaners work exceptionally well. Prioritizing veganism in every category of your life, you can enjoy cleaning without this feeling of uncertainty around using products that may or may not have been tested on animals and/or that use parts of animals to form the chemical solution.

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