Best Ways To Organize Your Garage Or Craft Space At Home

Where you work at home is a special space. Whether it’s DIY projects, woodworking, or DIY renovations, you want to keep organized. Making it all the more difficult are things like loose hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, accessories, parts that don’t have a discernible purpose yet, or fasteners, screws, nails, and similar small fingertip-sized items.

The best way to keep a garage organized is to plan ahead. You can do this with organizers.

What Storage Bins And Organizers Should I Buy From My Garage?

The less you throw away, the better. If you can hang onto old nails and screws and parts, you might be able to repurpose them at a later date in a new project or to make a repair at no expense.

There are lots of DIY garage storage bins you can buy, including some that are even wall-mounted.

  • 44-piece storage bin racks use a pegboard to mount these boxes on your wall. They’re great for keeping hand tools and similarly-sized items together, labelling them and maintaining them at a visible height.
  • 54-piece hanging panel is another pegboard and shelf tool organizer, with hooks for hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, and lots more. If there are certain tools that you use frequently, this is where you can keep them. When you need it, it takes a quarter-second to take it down. When you don’t need it, you can put it back just as quickly.
  • 6-drawer hardware parts organizer is the crown jewel in garage organizers and storage cabinets. This is usable for screws and nails, beads, bolts, nuts, and anything as small as a LEGO piece. Those types of things can be easily lost when they aren’t kept in a storage container of some kind. The beauty of this hardware parts organizer can also be wall-mounted.

How Can I Use My Organizers To Best Organize My Garage?

If you decide not to wall-mount these organizers, you may prefer storage shelving or a storage rack.

A premium garage storage rack provides lots of storage and can be fastened atop a bench, work area, or when there isn’t a lot of available floor space.

An alternative – and a much more affordable option – is a heavy-duty five-tier metal garage shelving unit. In a waterproof design, a shelf like this is a natural fit into a garage and comes in black housing. Four wheels on the bottom allows you to move the shelf, sliding it to where you need it.

Two or three garage shelving units like this stored side by side is more than enough to organize your power tools, larger items, handheld items and hand tools, and any item as small as a screw.

Shop the best in garage storage from and set up your workspace the way you’ve always wanted.

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