Why Use A Toothbrush Holder?

The best way to store a toothbrush is in a caddy or toothbrush holder. It’s clean. It’s organized. There are several hygienic reasons why we’d recommend a toothbrush caddy as well. A toothbrush shouldn’t be left on the side of the sink or on a countertop. Here’s why a holder for toothbrushes makes the most sense.

Water Flows Downward

If you lay your toothbrush on its side, it sits in a pool of water. It takes longer to dry. Upright in a holder, the water naturally moves downward. Your toothbrush takes less time to dry.

Holders Don’t Damage Bristles

You may use a cap on your toothbrush or a cover. These can sometimes damage bristles. Especially cheap ones. A toothbrush holder is a far easier way to protect your toothbrush from bacteria and is not even remotely likely to do any damage to the bristles.

Bacteria Grows in Damp Areas

A lot of old bathrooms may feel damp. Putting your toothbrush in a drawer to dry is not acceptable. It might not dry and in the interim, you have all sorts of bacteria that could be living on and in between those bristles. A caddy keeps your toothbrush out in the open with air circulating around it.

You Can Put It Anywhere

Most people who leave their toothbrushes laying around the sink, tub, shower, or near the toilet will have it covered in mist and bacteria in no time. A toothbrush storage option like a caddy or holder can be moved away from problematic areas, such as the toilet which can produce an aerosol-like effect when flushed. This helps keep those teeth and your toothbrush clean.

It’s An Organized Way To Store Multiples

If you live in a house with family or multiple toothbrushes, giving everyone their own caddy area simplifies where to put a toothbrush. It adds a sense of organization to the bathroom sink and counter and prevents cross-contamination.

It Gives The Bathroom An Organized Look

To organize your bathroom, a few products and accessories like this set you up for success. Add to that some storage shelves and you provide enough space to house the products you use regularly.

You Avoid Transferring Germs

A toothbrush touching another toothbrush, a toothbrush laying flat, or a toothbrush that will occasionally touch other bathroom products leads to transferring germs and bacterial growth. Assuming your toothbrush isn’t touching any others in a holder, this is far and away the most sanitary way to store a toothbrush.

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