DIY Party Decoration Ideas For Your Next Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are a great reason for a celebration.

Children, especially, love a great birthday party and décor doesn’t have to break the budget with the use of a decoration service. There are great ways to brighten up the area with fun party decorations and innovative designs you can do yourself.

Pick A Party Theme

Once you have a theme picked out, this is where the fun begins.

What colors are you going to use; will you be indoors or outdoors and what kinds of food are you planning?

The age group of your attendees is important to consider when picking your party theme. For a child’s birthday party, themes can be anywhere from fantasy to their favorite characters and everything in between.

How Your Attendees Will Appear

If you have no budget in mind, a feature of many parties for children is the costumes. Each guest arrives in the characters portraying the theme. Even on a budget, you can have the guests see a face painter that is hired for the event. Bringing the characters of the theme together.

Costumes aren’t necessary but this will give all that are present a chance to participate in the theme itself.


Simple designs can be achieved that will make your party a hit. If you have a hand at arts and crafts, a few simple items can turn out spectacular, with a little bit of imagination.

Depending on the age group of attendees, you could have a photo wall derived from different scenes of a favorite show. Alternatively, you can use inexpensive party décor and party props that they can put on to join the fun with a photo.

Also, instead of a regular birthday cake, why not a cupcake stand with colorful themed cupcakes?

New And Innovative Ideas

Streamer backdrops can be made using store-bought paper streamers, brightly colored tablecloths, and some tinsel. Layering one over the other in irregular designs can create an amazing backdrop to any table or photo wall.

A donut wall is becoming quite popular and are fun for kids as they get to choose which donut to have from a variety hanging on a pegboard on the wall.

Your table setting should also look inviting for your guests with bright colors or be theme-inspired. Plastic dollar store items for tableware or party tableware you buy online can dress up a snack table easily without breaking the budget.

No matter whether you are putting on a block party or celebrating with just a few friends, any party can be successful on a budget with a few DIY ideas. Shop party décor, party supplies, balloons, and more at

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