Best Joseph Joseph Kitchen Accessories to Buy For Your Countertop

Joseph Joseph is known for their innovative kitchenware, with accessories for around the sink, inside the drawer, and in the fridge. Originally a British brand, Joseph Joseph is available in Canada through sites like and also have some items available in retail from Bed, Bath and Beyond. If you’re looking for unique, trendy kitchen accessories, check out these beautifully-designed Joseph Joseph products.


With a 3-in-1 spiralizer, you can turn almost any cheese or vegetable into a spiral. Create a collection of uniform, curly noodles from your favourite fruits and vegetables, and discover a whole new way of making meals.

Food Waste Caddy

A food waste caddy is a bit like having an indoor composter. You can separate your organic waste and eventually bring it outside for use in a composter or as feed for your garden.

Dish Brush With Sink Rest

A cute gift, the dish brush with sink rest helps you get rid of anything caked into your pan or food stuck onto dishes.

Compact Cutlery Organizer

There’s no better compact cutlery organizer than the small and large Joseph Joseph design. Elevating cutlery at an angle, you can put in more and keep them separate with ease.

Under-Shelf Spice Rack

An under-shelf spice rack fits your favourite spices in wherever you have space in a cabinet, cupboard, or pantry. It doesn’t have to take up any more space. Simply place this under-shelf storage where you need it most.

Flip-Up Adjustable Draining Board

You will find a few dishwashing wash & drain boards in the Joseph Joseph catalogue. The flip-up adjustable draining board gets our vote for the best one because of its portability and diversity in what it can carry without too many adjustments.

Knife And Cutlery Cleaning Brush

A knife and cutlery cleaning brush makes it much easier to wipe away all the nasty stuff from knives, forks, and spoons.

Carousel Set

The Joseph Joseph carousel set offers premium storage for high-quality, professional-grade spatulas, flippers, spoons, and more.

Joseph Joseph Baking Set

Asssemble your own Joseph Joseph baking set with an adjustable rolling pin, nest measuring cups and spoon set, and more. Though the brand doesn’t have their own designated ‘baking set’, making your own is easy.

Vegetable Chopper

Joseph Joseph has a lot of food prep accessories, including things like 3-in-1 can openers, vegetable choppers, salad mixing bowls, garlic presses, grip gratters, and cutting mats. For newcomers to the kitchen, you can totally build out your dream kitchen with trendy, convenient accessories like these.

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