How Do You Mop A Floor The Correct Way?

You wouldn’t believe how many people do mopping the wrong way. If you have a mop and bucket at the ready, there’s a right way and a not-so-right way to go about cleaning an area such as a kitchen. This is how you can mop quickly and efficiently, making all the right moves.

Clear The Floor

Start by not even touching the mop. Remove anything unnecessary from the floor. Lift up chairs, rugs, and the like. By not having to maneuver around these things, you can mop more efficiently.

Sweep First, Mop Second

Always sweep before you mop. Even if it’s not visible, debris covers most floors. A quick sweep removes all the stuff that would normally get caught in your mop. You want your mopping to be like polishing rather than just pushing debris around.

Use Warm Water, Not Cold

Always use warm water when you mop the floor. If your mop is dry before you start, soak it first. Warm water’s going to mix the cleaner in more easily and will cause the moisture to evaporate faster as well.

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Mop In Sections

Always mop in sections. That’s the right way to mop. Break up the floor into sections. Spread cleaning solution across it, mop it, squeeze it, and move onto the next section. Start at the far corner and move outward.

Rinse Your Mop

Wring out your mop regularly. When the water starts to appear dirty, consider switching it out. Eventually, if you mop long enough, you’ll just be pushing around debris and nastiness. You will notice when your mop or cleaning solution becomes visibly dirty.

Let The Floor Air-Dry

Don’t dry the floor yourself, i.e. with towels or paper towels. This will leave streaks. Air-drying is the best approach. Just open some doors and windows, and get some air circulating. If the floor is properly cleaned, it’ll dry spotless.

Hang Up Your Mop

With a self-wash and squeeze mop or any kind of mop, you want to hang it up rather than abandoning it in the bucket. If you leave a mop in a bucket to dry, that’s where it starts to smell and grow mold.

Buy The Right Mop

This could go on the end of this how-to guide as much as it deserves to be at the beginning. If you aren’t happy with your mop, the best thing to do is buy a new mop and bucket. A high-quality mop and one that you enjoy using will motivate you to keep things tidy more often. It’ll definitely be more efficient than a mop that’s been in use for several years as well.

Make mopping fun. Buy a self-wash mop and bucket kit from today and make those floors spotless!

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