What Are The Types of Industrial High Bay LED Lights?

If you are looking at buying LED high bay lights, you are not alone. More and more warehouses and industrial workplaces are switching to ultra-efficient LED high bay lights. They come with immense benefits and are far more cost-effective to operate.

If you’re new to high bay lights and industrial LED lighting, here are the different types and everything you’ll want to know.

What Is High Bay Lighting?

LED high bay lighting is used to illuminate large spaces with high ceilings. They are typically used when ceilings are 20-45 feet high. Comparatively, there is low-bay lighting for ceilings at 20 feet and under. High-bay lights are known to be exceptionally powerful, shining down from such a distance.

UFO High Bay Lights

There are two main types of high bay LED lights. The first to know about are UFO high bay lights. These are round. They are easy to install and offer a strong beam angle towards various touchpoints in an industrial setting.

Linear High Bay Lights

Linear high bay lights are the other main type of LED high bay lights. They offer lighting length-wise. Ideal for narrow hallways or rows, they offer a similar broad beam angle but without giving a spotlight feel.

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What You Get With High Bay Lights

When you install high bay lights in a warehouse, for example, they give off uniform illumination. Powerful and efficient, there are many reasons to switch to high bay LED lights. Here are a few benefits to industrial LEDs.

  • They’re affordable long-term, requiring less time to maintain and switch bulbs.
  • Lower energy costs. On average, LED lighting uses 75% less energy than traditional industrial light bulbs.
  • They last longer. LED lighting will last up to 25 times longer than most similar industrial lighting.
  • Less toxicity and less environmental impact. LED lights are fully recyclable and contain no harmful elements.
  • Highly efficient. High bay LED lights offer the best lumen-to-wattage efficiency compared to alternatives and consume less energy overall than, let’s say, incandescent industrial lights.
  • Industrial LED lighting is high-quality, meant for the toughest of the toughest jobs and will provide visibility to any space with ease.
  • Improve safety with better, more widespread visibility using heavy-duty industrial-grade lighting.

Should You Use LED High Bay Lights?

LED high bay lights, in the right setting, are the least wasteful and most efficient form of industrial lighting on the market. They are highly recommended, particularly those that can be dimmed. They’re the perfect way to manage light usage in a warehouse or similarly designed work environment.

LED high bay lights are most commonly used in auto body shops and by mechanics, for garage lighting, basements, welding shops, grocery stores, dance studios, gymnasiums, and general warehouses.

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