Must-Haves To Put On Your Baby Registry

The best baby registry isn’t just for your immediate needs. It’s one that provides as your tiny one grows into their toddler phase. Here are some of the must-haves for a baby registry we don’t necessarily remember to put on but that can help a ton if you’re a new parent.

Seat Cushion

A kid seat cushion can help raise them up to a more comfortable height for eating, drawing, writing, and playing.

Baby Playpen

An adjustable baby playpen and activity centre can be made to cover as large an area as a parent chooses. If you need some time to cook or clean and can’t supervise, this is an excellent way to keep your baby safe.

Baby Play Yard

Before baby’s ready to meet a more open playpen and activity centre, this portable baby bassinet play yard is much safer and more private. It takes less than 1 minute to set up and is strong, stable, and easily transportable.

Baby High Chair

Baby needs their own high chair, of course! This baby high chair is easy to clean and comes equipped with a 5-point safety belt and removable trays. There are more basic high chairs for babies as well, all found in the catalogue.

6-Drawer Storage Organizer

You’re going to have a ton of toys, baby supplies, and baby accessories with no place to put them. This is where a 6-drawer storage organizer comes into play. Made from solid MDF board, fabric, and non-toxic materials, it’s the perfect place to put your supplies.

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Baby Tub

The OXO baby tub is a high-quality private bath to support an infant as they grow to about 18 months. It’s carefully engineered to cradle newborns and small infants in all the right ways, allowing you to bathe them safely outside of your standard bath.

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Bluetooth Baby Swing Chair

A Bluetooth baby swing is a high-tech way to soothe your baby to calm with their favourite music and using any of five distinct speeds. Lightweight and portable, it can also be brought with a parent to different places with ease.

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Baby Smart Home Security Kit

Although the Orvibo smart home security kit isn’t baby-only, it helps a lot in providing peace of mind knowing your little one is safe and sound. Included in the smart home security kit is 1 smart hub, 1 motion sensor, two window and door sensors, and 1 smart camera.

These are some of the baby items every parent can use. Although every new parent ends up accumulating lots and lots of baby stuff, focusing on what’s usable day-in and day-out is a strategic way to think about what’s most needed for you. Shop all these accessories and more through

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