Why Method Cleaners Make For More Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Scouring the Internet for the most eco-friendly cleaning products, Method consistently is brought up as one of the better brands. When it comes to green cleaning, you want keywords like ‘biodegradable’, ‘vegan’, ‘renewable ingredients’, and ‘non-toxic’ to come across in the branding.

There are several reasons why Method cleaners are so popular. Here are just a few of them.


Method cleaners are biodegradable. The All-Purpose Cleaner is widely preferred over other cleaners for this reason. Being biodegradable, the product naturally sinks back into the environment without causing undue harm.


The more natural the ingredient list, the less toxic and the less chemical your cleaner will be. By reducing the chemicals you use, you’re making a cleaner safer to use around at-risk individuals such as those with respiratory conditions and children.

Non-Toxic Cleaners

You want a non-toxic cleaner. It will protect you when you’re using it. It will also protect any children or pets that are walking around where you’re cleaning. Non-toxic solutions mean contamination and any risk of accidentally mixing cleaners and creating toxic fumes from them is lowered.

Wide Product Selection

Method cleaners form a diverse category. From hand-wash and all-purpose cleaners to toilet bowl cleaners, laundry products, and more. You can loop all these products in together and purchase them from ShopperPlus.ca for an easy buy.

They Work

Of course, with any eco-friendly, sustainably-produced cleaner, you want to know they work. Method cleaners do exactly that. They’re tough on grease and grime and get the job done. You can also use more without a solution turning toxic for you or your pets.

No Ammonia

Some cleaners will say they’re green and non-toxic and yet still use fairly common items like ammonia in them. Though these are fine in a lot of cases, ammonia is a pretty intense cleaner. Some would even call it a ‘dirty ingredient’. Method products do not contain anything like ammonia.

Recyclable Bottles

Method takes the eco-friendly cleaning tag very seriously. When you buy something like the Method’s Men’s Body Wash or any cleaner, the bottle is recyclable. It’s made from 100% recyclable plastic and can be circulated back into the supply chain.

Method Makes Cleaning Fun

Method’s rainbow-branded bottles and containers are designed to make cleaning more fun for everyone. From children to people who wouldn’t normally be doing a lot of cleaning, the branding on Method cleaners is strong and naturally encourages their use.

ShopperPlus.ca carries all sorts of eco-sustainable cleaners, including Method, Attitude, and more. Shop them all in one place and get them delivered to your front step with fast delivery to anywhere in Canada.

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