Benefits of Using A Dog Crate Or Pet Kennel Cage

Buying a dog crate for your puppy can be the best thing for your pet in certain situations. The advantage of having a pet kennel cage, even a small one, is ultimately allowing you more oversight and control over your dog’s behaviour. They can be used in a variety of ways, some more effective than others. Here are some of the benefits of a dog crate.

Private Play Area

Some dogs will enjoy having their own area to play. A dog crate provides a permissive area in which they can chew on toys and relax without having their toys taken by another puppy or pursued by another pet.

Protection From Other Pets

Sometimes a dog kennel or crate is just to keep your puppy separated from other dogs. Some kennels and crates are also used for cats in this way, although you’ll struggle a lot more keeping a cat within its framework.

Protects People

If you are inviting friends over and know that one or two of them might be nervous around your dog, putting your puppy into a dog crate will help maintain some separation and safety. Alternatively, if you know your puppy is a little rough at times with guests or other pets, a crate makes for an excellent time-out space.

Feels Safe During Storms

Not every dog has their own space. During a storm, a pet kennel or crate can be beneficial in making them feel safe. If your pet has an anxiety disorder or is naturally quite nervous, an aesthetically-pleasing, portable dog crate is a comfortable place for them to rest.

They’re Portable

A portable pet kennel like this can be brought to the park, in the backyard, to a friend’s place, moved between rooms indoors, or be installed wherever you like. They’re generally very easy to assemble.

It Helps With Training

There are differing views on how to use a crate or kennel for punishment and training a young puppy. If you want to train your dog, you will definitely want to do some reading into how a kennel’s best used and to ensure that it’s not strictly a negative experience.

If It’s Plastic, It Doesn’t Rust

Some of the older models of dog crates are made with metal. Over time, these metals rust. A plastic dog kennel is far more adaptable and won’t incur any damage. A lot of them are chew-resistant and unlikely to be something a dog wants to chew.

A foldable, portable dog crate is something a lot of dogs love. For puppies that are anxious or needing their own space, this is a great start. Find dog supplies, puppy crates, pet kennels, and dog play areas at

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