What Do I Need To Organize My Garage?

A garage is not an easy room to organize. Things are either extremely heavy or overly small. Products inside a garage are often bulky and not really easy to put into drawers.

On top of that, a lot of storage organizers focus on other parts of the home, like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. These places get plenty of attention in organization. Fortunately, you do have some options in organizing a garage.

Garages need less of the décor aspect of organization and more of the function. To be able to handle the weight and varied materials in a garage, it takes a special kind of storage.

Here are some excellent garage organizers and storage products to consider for your space.

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

Multi-tier heavy-duty garage shelving is fairly standard for a garage and rightfully so. With freestanding metal shelving like this, it can handle the weight of almost anything you want to lay on it.

Ceiling-Mounted Bicycle Hoist

A ceiling-mounted hoist is a great storage solution for bicycles and similar large, bulky items that don’t have a place on the floor.

Wall-Mounted Garage Storage Rack

A set of wall-mounted garage shelves will help you use unused vertical space. Install them above a
workbench or in areas where you don’t have a lot going on. They’re also very complimentary in look and function to the heavy-duty shelving we brought up earlier.

54-Piece Hanging Tool Organizer

If you use your garage for a lot of building, DIY projects, woodworking, and repairs, this hanging panel tool organizer mounts up against your wall and can help keep screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and all sorts of tools properly organized.

44-Piece Storage Rack With Bins

A set of small garage storage bins can prove useful for nails, screws, and similar items that aren’t large enough to be placed in a box or container.

60-Drawer Parts Organizer

Try this 60-drawer parts organizer for any hardware, parts, crafts, beads, or tools no bigger than your fingernail.

Galvanized Anti-Rust Steel Corner Rack

A galvanized steel corner rack is small, sure, but in small workspaces, a corner rack provides yet somewhere else to put items and materials you don’t want kept on the floor or in a pile disorganized and messy.

3-Tier Metal Utility Cart On Wheels

A multi-tier utility cart on wheels isn’t quite a necessity but when you’re working on projects and you’ve got waste or tools you need to keep off the floor and organized, a utility cart moves around the room with ease and is incredibly handy.

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