What Is The Cost Of A Wheelchair in Canada?

A wheelchair is a great investment for any Canadian who is having mobility issues and who doesn’t want that to restrict them from getting around and doing the day-to-day.

A wheelchair comes at a cost, however. They aren’t covered under healthcare plans and the cost of a wheelchair in Canada can also vary according to the brand name, weight limits, and complexity.

If a wheelchair is an unavoidable expenditure, you’re going to want to not only find the most affordable option but the right design so that you aren’t compromising your safety or comfort. Here’s what you can expect.

How Much Does A Wheelchair Cost?

It’s not easy for a wheelchair to add up to being as much as $2,000 or higher. That said, more standard models are quite a bit less than that.

A manual wheelchair made from steel in Canada starts in the $350 range. These tend to have a lot of weight to them but are among the most affordable. A wheelchair that has lighter construction can easily go for $600 and up.

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Some people may look into renting a wheelchair for a day or period of time. In certain cities, renting is a possibility though not everywhere. The money spent on renting is also lost on the purchase.

The best place to buy a wheelchair in Canada may be online. Sites like ShopperPlus.ca offer excellent discounts on wheelchairs and other care accessories. They’re great quality items, although somewhat limited.

What Do I Look For When Buying A Wheelchair?

There isn’t much to a wheelchair. Deciding between electric v. non-electric and features you don’t
necessarily need, the only real consideration is quality of the design and any weight limitations that may exist.

This foldable lightweight wheelchair, for example, has swing-away footrests and a weight capacity of 220 lbs. It’s super-affordable though, priced at just under $235 with fast, free shipping available to anywhere in Canada.

If this isn’t your style, a 4-wheel walker is also sold through ShopperPlus.ca in the $110 range, a
tremendous amount of savings over other brands and for the same quality in design.

In terms of cheap wheelchairs, you’d find it hard to locate a better deal than these. You won’t find electric wheelchairs or motorized models for the same pricing though. This is where a lot of people can end up investing more. Though it can be worth it, when you’re stuck on a limited budget, there’s nothing wrong with going with the perfect wheelchair for sale at ShopperPlus.ca.

Visit ShopperPlus.ca for yourself or a loved one and find affordable, quality wheelchairs you can rely on.

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