Creative Hanging Party Decorations To Wow Your Guests

It’s party time!

Whatever the occasion, it’s always a good time to throw a party. Food, drinks, fun, games, good company and, of course, cool decor.

There are millions of ideas for party décor. Displays of treats and themed setups that relate to whatever the party is about help add to the fun. A great way to set the mood is with awesome decorations hanging on the walls, in the corners, and from the ceiling.

In The Corners

Great locations for hanging party décor include larger grouped displays in the corners, to frame the room. Set up festive bunches such as balloons, picture frames filled with confetti and images, not to mention pom poms, ornaments, flowers and foliage, and even strings decorated with any kind of artwork.

Corners are also a great place to set up photo selfie props to add to the fun. Themed frames can be propped up against the wall with plenty of room for guests to pose behind them.

On The Walls

Wall hangings can be great for indicating special areas, such as snack stations, photo ops and party themes.

Adding lights, images and artwork helps to set the mood and can be used to promote party themes. For example, posted sheets of cardboard painted with chalkboard paint can make a fun activity for guests to provide their own artwork and creations.

Use tape or pins to stick photos on hanging cardboard for some extra flair.

Hanging From The Ceiling

The ceiling is a great place to string garlands in order to add to the party atmosphere. Garlands can be fashioned from balloons, paper lanterns, strings of lights, beads, yarn, artificial flowers and vibrant metallic tinsel.

Other fun ideas for ceiling garlands include paper cut-outs of all kinds, tassels of all sizes and colors, paper streamers, and colorful scarves.

And really, what’s a party without a disco ball or two? Or ten? The more the merrier.

Remember, when hanging such decorations, you can vary the string lengths to make abstract designs with the ornaments so that they don’t all cluster together in one big chunk—unless you want it that way, of course.

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