Trendy Gift Wrapping Ideas To Use For Your Next Gift

Have you got some gifts to wrap and want to jazz them up a bit? It’s fun to experiment with different ideas to personalize gift wrapping. In fact, the gift may look so good that the recipient may not want to unwrap it. Although they probably will unwrap it anyway.

Basic Coverage

When it comes to gift wrapping, the possibilities are endless. The first thing you start with is the basic wrap or cover.

Craft stores carry a variety of gift boxes and colored or neutral Kraft paper from which to fashion a basic covering. Other ideas to wrap from include any plain or fancy pillowcases to create a gift bag, newsprint, and even patterned or themed fabrics from the local fabric store.

The remnants bin at a craft store can also be a treasure trove of textures and designs to make amazing gift wrappings with. Layer plain fabric with lace panels, or match seasonal fabric patterns to seasonal gifts for some real flair. You can also find plenty of gift boxes and wraps online at

Tie It All Up

Once the basic covering is in place, you can add some pizazz with different ties. Colored yarns, twine, ribbons and bows can all be used to create some contrast and provide an anchor for decorations.

Other ideas include crocheted yarns and thin, twisted scarves for some interesting looks. A fun trick is to use ribbons in different colors and layer them together for a thicker effect.

Artistic Add-Ons

Of course, there’s an endless variety of accessories that can be added. Plain or colored paper can be covered with a panel of lace for a more elegant look. The kids will have fun with crayons and markers, making their own designs on plain paper.

You can use stick-on letters to personalize the gift with phrases or names, or stick-on rhinestones to fancy things up a bit with some sparkly designs. Chalkboard paint on the wrapping paper is a great idea for adding personalized messages and designs.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Try adding cut-outs from cardstock or colored paper to spruce things up.

Washi tape comes in several colors and designs to perk up plain gift wrap, and other creative add-ons include flowers (real or artificial), tassels, beads, charms, jewelry, ornaments and buttons. Personalized photo magnets add a charming touch to the overall look, and make terrific keepsakes.

Give It Away, Give It Away

It’s said that half the fun of receiving a gift is opening it, and with crafty, trendy gift wrapping, the enjoyment is doubled.

Personalized and creative gift wrap and accessories will make a special occasion even more special. Shop 100s of ideas in gift packaging and wrapping at today.

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