7 Ways to Use Black Friday Deals to Get A Clean Home

While cleaning the house isn’t the most glorious use of one’s time, keeping a clean home can often be quite therapeutic.

This Black Friday sale, happening all November long, it’s a premium chance to grab some cleaning supplies and little things to help maintain a tidy home no matter what you’re dealing with when it comes to a mess.

Here are some highlights of the ongoing ShopperPlus.ca Black Friday sale you can order online right now.

Handheld Steam Cleaner

A handheld steam cleaner simplifies cleaning fabric, easily removing grease, dirt, and grime across sofas, mattresses, glass surfaces, windows, and more. No chemicals. No cleaners. Sterilization occurs strictly through hot steam, safe and secure.

Toothbrush Caddy

For the sake of keeping your toothbrush clean and your bathroom sink countertop free, purchasing the Joseph Joseph toothbrush holder is a solid investment. There are a surprising number of bathroom organizers and small products that can help keep the bathroom clean running through the catalogue at ShopperPlus.ca.

Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

Have you ever looked down at your laptop and see all the dirt and dust in the keyboard and smudges on the screen – us, too! The sweep & swipe laptop cleaner from OXO gets into the crevasses and gets out all of that junk while also having a microfiber surface to pat down screen smudges.

3-Section Laundry Hamper

A 3-section laundry hamper, laundry organizer, or foldable laundry bag keeps dirty clothes organized and contained. There are many hampers available at ShopperPlus.ca. Find the organizer that meets your home aesthetic.

Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

A set of reusable bamboo paper towels are fast-drying, highly absorbent, and can be washed and reused again and again. A single roll of bamboo paper towels can replace up to 60 traditional paper towel rolls.

Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack

An impressive over-the-sink dish drying rack is large and adjustable. It is one of the pricier home products on this list but for those kitchens that aren’t set up with a lot of space, a conveniently-placed drying rack like this is a major get.

Self-Wash And Squeeze Mop And Bucket

This self-wash mop and bucket kit can clean floors, windows, walls, and skirting boards with ease. A lot of us have mops that are either old, dated, and falling apart, or very basic. Here’s an opportunity to give yourself an easier way to mop and keep your home sparkling clean.

Find the best Black Friday 2021 deals on cleaning supplies from ShopperPlus.ca and keep those messes at bay.

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