Do You Need An LED Shower Panel Rainfall Shower Head For Your Bathroom Reno?

In the bathroom fixture landscape, there are few items as valuable to the average bathroom renovation project as an LED shower panel and rainfall shower head. Adding technology, a unique design to the shower experience, and more control over taking a shower, your rainfall shower head is a feature appreciated by many.

Here’s why we’d argue that any bathroom renovation or new construction is worth more with a rainfall shower head.

They’re Above The Basic

A basic angled shower head is fine. It does the work it’s supposed to but it’s not much to look at. That’s the downside. But with an LED shower panel, you have a lot more to play with and it upgrades your bathroom from an everyday bathroom to more of a luxury spa.

Features Of A Rainfall Shower Head

  • An LED shower panel rainfall waterfall shower head is easy to install and can fit most bathrooms.
  • The LED digital display makes it easy to adjust settings and customize the shower experience in the moment.
  • You still have a shower hose to use to target water at specific areas, in this case in stainless steel.
  • Choose from settings such as rainfall, water, massage, and high-pressure jet.
  • It is scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant. A few years from now, unlike cheaper and more basic shower heads, your rainfall shower head should still look its best.
  • The rainfall shower head has multiple outlet switches and different combinations of water effects, including body jets.

It’s A Lot Softer On The Skin

Some shower heads are fairly rough. They spit out water at quite the intensity. A rainfall shower head works more like being rained on. If you have sensitive skin, this might be something to consider.

Homebuyers Love Them

If you are creating a bathroom that you intend to sell to someone else, new homebuyers adore LED shower panel rainfall shower heads. They’re a nice feature you can blend in with other components of a bathroom to come up with a real strong selling point.

If You’re Doing A Reno, Here’s Your Chance

Some of us have always wanted a rainfall shower head but have hesitated to buy because they look like they could need more than a few things done to accommodate the installation. However, if you’re already doing a bathroom renovation or touch-up, there’s no better chance than now to buy an LED shower panel and have it put in.

Shop LED shower panels and rainfall shower heads at Enjoy this must-have bathroom shower head and make taking a shower feel all the more like a day at the spa.

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