How To Use OXO Containers To Make Neat Your Small Kitchen

A small kitchen is prone to the opposite of neatness. Even when you’re determined to be most organized, there’s only so much space in a kitchen and without the right storage containers, you’re unfortunately going to run into stacks of things that shouldn’t be there.

Even though it’s hard a keep a small kitchen neat, OXO storage containers can make things easier.

You can set your OXO containers in your pantry. Put them on shelves or racks. There are lots of ways to utilize containers like these, most of which are airtight, clear in design, and minimalist enough to blend in with any kitchen home décor aesthetic you have.

Benefits Of OXO Storage Containers

  • They’re airtight which means what’s in them will stay fresh for longer. No pests or bugs, either.
  • They are clear so that you can see through them and determine the quality of the food item inside.
  • You have multiple sizes so that you don’t need to waste space with empty jar space.
  • They’re easily stacked and can be safely stacked, ensuring that you optimize how your pantry is organized.
  • The lids are designed to accommodate scoops or levelers. The corners allow for easy pouring.

What You Can Use In OXO Storage Containers

OXO storage containers are very multi-purpose. You can use them for beans, pasta, rice, dehydrated fruit and vegetables, cereal, nuts, pretzels, and more.

You can also put OXO kitchen containers in your fridge, if you must. They work well with all foods and won’t let you down. When you’re looking for a high-quality storage kitchen container that’s reusable again and again, and that won’t stain or fade in the dishwasher, it’s OXO many households rely on.

OXO containers outperform other brands’ containers fairly consistently. They’re easier to open, easier to clean, and BPA-free as well.

A lot of people buy OXO food containers for the lids. The container lids are easy to open and do so by the press of a push-down button. This is one of the more advanced designs for kitchen organization that we’ve seen and that deserves some praise.

Whether you have a pantry or not, these work on a kitchen countertop, top of the fridge, or anywhere. The shapes and sizes are easy to find uses for in the kitchen, and they allow you to throw out any bulky boxes or bags that don’t need to be there.

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