How to Mix a Smoothie in Your Blender

A professional blender is the ultimate smoothie maker. It doesn’t take anything fancy. Blenders allow you to get the most from your smoothies. They’re easy to mix. They’re easy to make. Fruits, vegetables, and more.

There’s a strategy for making a smoothie. It’s easy but it’s structured. Certain ingredients go in a smoothie first. What those ingredients are also matters. The wrong order or wrong ingredients combined together can result in an ugly-tasting beverage.

The average smoothie usually works from frozen fruit, ice, a base liquid, and potentially some vegetables.

  • The first thing to add is your base liquid. This is always the start of how to make a smoothie. Your base liquid can be water, juice, or milk. Some smoothie recipes prefer to use alternatives like yogurt.
  • Next in are the smaller ingredients. This is any cut fruits and smaller items. If you intend to include vegetables that have been cut into smaller pieces, they can be included here.
  • Last are large pieces. This can be things like strawberries. If you want to put in some ice cubes, those go in at this stage.

By following this pattern, you ensure your blender’s blades are grinding things down efficiently without stalling.

What are the healthiest ingredients to put in a smoothie?

  • Dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are smoothie staples, and highly nutritious.
  • Cruciferous vegetables, like shredded cabbage, also contribute a lot of health to a smoothie.
  • Nuts, nut butter, and seeds add some protein.
  • Greek yogurt, almond milk, or milk are all quality base liquids to start from.
  • Berries are packed with antioxidants and add some much-needed natural sugars.

A vegetable smoothie in a blender might not seem very delicious. There’s a right way to use vegetables though. Broccoli, for example, is a favourite smoothie ingredient. It’s healthy and its taste is easily disguised. The taste of broccoli is neutralized and covered over in a smoothie together with fruits like apple, banana, and strawberries.

Try it. Add broccoli to your next smoothie. A banana, milk, and broccoli is a simple smoothie recipe. Your blender’s blade will chop down that broccoli quickly. You won’t see it. You won’t taste it. After everything’s mixed, your beverage tastes like the sugar of the fruits.

Smoothies are a great habit to get into. You can’t mash them together yourself without a professional-grade blender though. Grab yours from Consider the many smoothie recipes you can make. There’s also so much more you can make with a smoothie – grind down nuts, grind spices, mix cookie batter, make ice cream, or make milkshakes.

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