Best Ground Coffee in Canada for a Single Serve Coffee Maker

Coffee gives energy. It gives excitement. Coffee gives our mornings a rhythm. Ever since we discovered coffee, humans have been indulging ever since.

These days, we’re living a lot differently than we did centuries ago. A lot live in very tight quarters, along the lines of small condos or apartments. There’s only so much space on the kitchen countertop.

A single-serve coffee maker is thin, efficient, and gets you your morning cup in a very hands-off way.

The LIVINGbasics coffee maker allows one to use ground coffee as well as K-cups. If you are looking for a new ground coffee to try or are interested in ground coffee over K-cups, here are the best ground coffee in Canada.

Tim Hortons

What would a Canadian list of ground coffees be without Tim Hortons somewhere on the list – a great choice. Tim Hortons uses premium Arabica beans, delivering a rich and mellow flavor. Identical to what you receive in-store, it’s like having your own Tim Hortons in your own kitchen.


Folgers is Canada’s best-selling ground coffee. It’s inexpensive, dark, classic, and won’t leave grounds behind to coat your throat after a mug. It’s also very affordable and available at any grocery store or online.

Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse is a premium ground coffee you can make in your coffee maker. It’s available in different varieties. They have some great dark roast coffees. This is also a Canadian-based company located in BC in the town of Invermere beneath the Rocky Mountain peaks.


McCafe premium roast ground coffee is in high demand. Experts say it is one of the better-balanced medium roasts out there. It is made from 100% Arabica beans. Even if you aren’t a McDonald’s fan, try their coffee. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Maxwell House

Maxwell House ground coffee is a favourite for condo coffee makers. It’s a rich and balanced coffee, with a consistent and signature taste. Where Maxwell House differs from other coffees is through the combination of Arabica and robusta beans. It’s essentially a mix of brewed and instant coffee, very tasty.


Melitta coffee is complex, deep, and smoky. It’s one of the most sought-after brands by experienced premium coffee drinkers. Melitta uses high-quality beans from Columbia. If you haven’t had Melitta before, we absolutely recommend trying one of their home ground coffee varieties.

There are many other fine ground coffee types, including Starbucks, Nabob, Ethical Bean, and more. All of these are perfect for your 2-in-1 single-serve coffee maker from

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