How Do You Use A Squeegee? – Read Here!

A shower squeegee is a helpful way to wipe down and tidy up a shower stall, removing debris from the walls.

A squeegee makes a huge difference in tackling soap scum and hard water stains in a quick and efficient manner.

A Squeegee is Fast

When cleaning a shower, most of us might use a microfiber cloth or towel to wipe away the moisture from the walls.

This is a chore. A squeegee glides more naturally and works faster. Furthermore, the silicone material does not get saturated with water. There’s no slowing you down.

Tackle Soap And Hard Water Stains

Every shower stains. Due to the content of what’s in the water and the products you use, it’s perfectly fine to have some residue left over after a shower.

When using your squeegee to tackle these stains, be sure you’re doing it right.

What is the Right Technique to Use With A Squeegee?

Yes, there is a strategy that comes with how to use a shower squeegee. It’s relatively simple. It’s just one word. Swivel.

What we mean by ‘swivel’ is to avoid using horizontal or vertical strokes to squeegee. Though novices may find this type of approach to work just fine, a swivel method is cleaner and won’t leave behind streaks.

As water will push, gather, and ultimately drip downward, stop at the top and move your way toward the bottom. At the same time, work from left to right. This will avoid creating a mess to touch up near when you’re done.

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Do I Have to Use A Product With A Shower Squeegee?

Some might wish to use a scrubber or abrasive cleaner in the shower and pairing that with a squeegee.

Guess what, you don’t have to! A Joseph Joseph shower squeegee doesn’t need any special product. After your next shower and the moisture’s loosened the top coat of what’s there, squeegee it up. This will remove all the unseen shampoo smears, body wash residue, hard water stains, and other scum.

Some may spray diluted vinegar on the walls of their shower stall afterward, leaving it to air-dry. Though this is alright and can help clean the area, don’t spray vinegar on any slate, marble, or granite as it could damage these materials.

It’s a very straightforward process in how to clean with a shower squeegee. This can be done across any window as well or glass surface and should work similarly, removing any stains or residues.

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