How Do I Clean My Electric Toothbrush – Read Here

An electric toothbrush is an important tool in the fight against plaque, gum disease, and the various threats to oral health.

Anyone serious about dental hygiene, how to use and how to clean electric toothbrushes is important. Electric toothbrushes are highly effective but they have to be clean. To ensure the toothbrush can do its work, here is how to clean yours.

Rinse It With Tap Water

Hopefully, we all do this. Rinse your toothbrush after use with tap water. Ensure all toothpaste, debris, and any other visual signs of uncleanliness are fully removed.

Do Not Brush Aggressively

Aggressive brushing can sabotage your cleaning efforts and make it tougher to keep your toothbrush tidy. Aggression will wear down the bristles and essentially wear down the brush. A sonic toothbrush does not need any pressure. The vibrations do everything on their own.

Store In An Upright Position

Keep your toothbrush upright. This will encourage water to run down and off. Letting your toothbrush air-dry will also help to keep bacteria off it, tackling any particles of mold or mildew as well.

Pay Attention to the Signs

If your toothbrush looks dirty or is smelly, don’t wait to clean it. Ensure your electric toothbrush is getting a clean when it needs it most.

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Give Your Toothbrush A Clean Once A Month

Your toothbrush should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. Keeping a regular schedule, maintaining your toothbrush will be easy and intuitive.

Replace Your Toothbrush Head

Every three months max., replace your electric sonic toothbrush head or do it before if you see the bristles are fraying. Your toothbrush head is a necessary element to ensuring a fair brushing.

Deep-Cleaning Your Toothbrush

Create a cleaning solution out of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. Then, fully submerge your electric toothbrush head in the solution. You may want to be wearing gloves for this part.

Soaking Your Electric Toothbrush Head

Leave your toothbrush in this solution for roughly one hour. This will take care of any germs or bacteria living on the bristles that you haven’t been able to shake. Thoroughly rinse the toothbrush after with water and wipe it down.

Wipe Down the Toothbrush Handle

You never want to fully submerge the whole toothbrush in anything. This is why we separate the parts of head and handle beforehand. While the head is soaking, wipe down the handle with a cloth.

See all the benefits of an electric sonic toothbrush today. Replace the sonic toothbrush head courtesy of Shop multi-pack toothbrush heads and more accessories to prioritize your dental hygiene and minimize the risks of inefficient, unclean tooth-brushing.

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