7 Fun Easter Activities For Kids

With Easter just around the corner, some fun and easy Easter party ideas for kids can be make or break for the weekend holiday.

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic damper the day. Get creative! Here are Easter party ideas making the most of party accessories, party décor, and time-tested Easter activities to keep in mind.

Make A Wreath

Easter has some very unique colors at play. Pinks. Purples. Plenty of neutrals at play. Making a wreath, you can blend in your best Easter accessories into instantly-recognizable décor personalized to you.

Easter Tie Dye

If you don’t have the greenery to formulate a wreath, try something different. An Easter tie-dye adventure makes the most of cheap fabrics or can provide a way to re-design something like a tablecloth or other Easter décor accessory.

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg decorating is a classic Easter activity. It wouldn’t be Easter without it. Your kid’s an artist. Let them indulge their creativity. Transform hard-boiled eggs into mini works of art. Easter egg kits are available by the boatload in stores.

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DIY Decorations

Make Easter a sort of arts and crafts day. Make some DIY decorations or redesign Easter party accessories you already have. There are hundreds of Easter decorations, party accessories, activities, and more you can pull in and personalize to you and your family.

Basket Full of Goodies

A unique way to spend your Easter is to prepare a basket full of Easter goodies and to give it to a local charity or person that matters. This can be a fun way to show a parent, a grandparent, a family member, or personal friend that they matter.

Rice Krispy Easter Egg Treats

Rice Krispy Easter egg treats are fun to make, can be crafted into an array of different shapes, and are an awesome dessert. For all ages, it’s a fine way to get them in the kitchen to bake, decorate, and make a memory. They’re also a very affordable treat.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

A fun Easter party idea is to do an Easter egg scavenger hunt. We know it’s pretty typical but with children, it’s always a hit. Especially if your child has a friend they can pair with or siblings, a scavenger hunt is a whole lot of fun.

Easter is a super popular holiday. It’s unfortunate we’re heading into our second one in a pandemic. You don’t need the Easter bunny to have fun though. Use these as your starting point. Shop Easter décor and party accessories at Living.ca today.

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