What to Put In A Plastic Easter Egg

Are you creating an Easter egg hunt for family or friends – try these ideas for what to put in your Easter eggs.


Naturally, candy’s a go-to for Easter eggs. It’s a classic choice. Jellybeans are probably the most popular option in candies. We all love jellybeans. When in doubt, start here. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, check out these other ideas.


Kinder Egg-sized toys are something you can put in an Easter egg. Small cars, bouncing balls, squishy toys, key chains, and similar things. That said, you do run the risk of disappointment if someone’s expecting candy or chocolates.


If you’re not sure what to put in an Easter egg, try coins. This gives a big incentive to search out eggs. At the end of the day, everyone counts up their winnings and they can be taken to a Walmart or dollar tree afterward to get some goodies.

Puzzle Pieces

Put a few puzzle pieces in every plastic Easter egg. As the eggs are gathered, this brings the participants together afterward to make the puzzle. Once again, you may want to mix in chocolates and candy alongside these.


Crystals or fancy rocks are beautiful to look at, attract and repel different energies, and a lot of children love them. Though small rocks can be expensive, mixing them in alongside cheaper Easter egg fillings are fun.


Are you looking to start a family garden this spring in your backyard – put some packaged seeds into your plastic Easter eggs. In this vein, anything you can put into an Easter egg that proposes spending time with the participant or provides an activity to do after the fact will create some excitement.

Golden Ticket

In one of your plastic Easter eggs, place a ‘golden ticket’ of some kind. This is a ticket to a prize of some kind. It could be a one-on-one dinner, a night at the movie theatre, or something else special. That said, you run the risk of making others jealous so be sure to include a variety of fillers inside the eggs.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are fun, easy to apply, and aren’t tough to get off. For family and friends, tattoos of every type of out there. Some funny. Some inappropriate. Some child-like. They’re an excellent giveaway.

From traditional to non-traditional Easter egg hunt fillers, gifts, chocolates, and toys, get high-quality plastic Easter eggs at Living.ca today and fill them with your best ideas. For kids and for adults, Easter eggs are a classic go-to and an expected celebration for the occasion. Discover what’s possible.

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