What to Put In An Easter Goodie Bag

Giving out Easter goodie bags to those in need, to family, to friends is a splendid way to celebrate and spread happiness. For those who aren’t able to have an Easter party, what you put in an Easter goodie bag is a different way to have some fun.

Easter Grass

Easter grass covered in the colors of the long weekend – i.e. yellow, pink, purple, etc. – packs a goodie bag with some punch.

A small Easter goodie bag may not have space for décor like this. If it’s a large bag or basket, however, there should be plenty. It’s all a part of the presentation. You want it to feel like Easter, after all.

Easter Chocolates

Of course, no Easter is complete without some form of Easter chocolates. Be sure not to include peanuts, however. You don’t want to trigger a peanut allergy. Packaged chocolates are best.

A way to make chocolates a little more Easter-friendly is to put them in Easter eggs and décor.

Easter Toys

For an Easter toy, you want something simple and small. Think Kinder Egg-sized toy. If a toy is not age-appropriate, try a stuffed animal or something similar. A toy is fun and even an adult will find it amusing if you pick right.

You don’t want to give someone too many toys. Focus on chocolates and things they can consume. Easter toys aren’t the sort of thing you want tossed in a closet or seen as an inconvenience.

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Easter Tableware

Pack in a few pieces of Easter tableware. Dinner plates, napkins, etc. If you’ve baked an Easter cake or cupcakes, this can be a nice way to wrap it as well. Evidently, baking something is contingent on knowing the other person doesn’t have any food sensitivities.

Tableware is very inexpensive and you can even keep some for yourself to have Easter at home.

Presentation Style

In delivering an Easter goodie bag to someone, you have a few different presentation styles to choose from.

You have the classic goodie bag. There are larger gift bags, clear basket shrink wrap, Easter baskets, and more. Depending on how well you know the other person and what you’re gifting them, a presentation style most likely already naturally makes sense.

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