Best Home Gym Equipment You Can Buy For Under $50

Becoming a member at a local gym is overrated. Let’s be honest. A gym membership can be expensive. As many found out in the pandemic, it also puts your workout at the mercy of something else or someone else being open and ready to receive you.

A home gym, comparatively, is self-sufficient. There’s no monthly cost. You save time as well. Working out and the responsibility to stay in shape then falls on you. You can exercise whenever you like, from the middle of the night or before bed to the middle of the day. The door’s always open.

Here is the best home gym equipment you can buy for under $50 to start your at-home fitness center.

Ab Wheel

In a home gym, a lot of the time you use your own body weight. As you do, focusing on core strength will help you deliver a more even performance all-around. A dual stability ab wheel exercises your core in an intense way.

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Gym Ball

A gym ball is ideal for ab workouts, stability and balance exercises, and muscle rehabilitation. Affordable and effective, this is one of the most common home gym fitness accessories and a must-have.

Resistance Bands

A set of exercise resistance loop bands will help you train your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Gain a whole upper-body workout with these colored bands, fully adjustable and portable so working out from anywhere is possible.

Hula Hoop

A smart detachable hula hoop is fun cardio you can do right where you’re standing. Adjust intensity as you go and use your hula hoop as a warm-up, warm-down, or a part of your daily cardio training.

Jump Rope

If a hula hoop isn’t your style, a jump rope might be. For boxers and the most elite athletes, mimicking in-sport performance with their cardio is key to adjusting their bodies to high-intensity exercise situations. A jump rope comes with dozens of skipping combinations and is the ultimate home cardio workout.

Tri-Fold Gym Mat

A tri-fold gym mat is thicker than a yoga mat and allows you to comfortably do exercises while protecting your elbows, knees, and back. Bodyweight exercises on the hard ground is too challenging and rough for most people. You’re also asking for a bruise at the very least, if not an injury. A tri-fold gym mat can also double as a place to do yoga, stretching, and all types of bodyweight-based home exercises.

If you want to start a home gym, make it easy and minimize the investment. Shop these fitness accessories and more at

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