Can A Hula Hoop Help Tone Your Abs At Home?

When your city’s best workout spots are shut down and giving up on your fitness is not an option, that’s when creativity kicks in.

The pandemic challenged exercise-lovers in a whole new way. With fitness centers closed up, home workouts gained in popularity with everything from Peloton and old exercise tapes to resistance bands being given a whirl.

Hula hoops aren’t a kid’s toy anymore. For the past decade, hula hoop exercises have been finding a whole new audience in adults looking to tone their abs and do cardio in a bit of a different way than machines and running around the block.

How Is Hula Hoop Exercise?

This isn’t your regular hula hoop. It’s a hula hoop for exercise, often weighted, adjustable, and synced via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The weighted aspect of the hula hoop is important. This makes it heavier. Not too heavy! Just enough to increase the level of difficulty so you can get all the amazing benefits of hula hoop fitness routines for toning the abs.

  • Burn lots of calories. A hula hoop is comparable to salsa or swing dancing, belly dancing, and other aerobic-type of exercises. If you struggle to get that optimum calorie deficit, hula hooping works.
  • Cut inches. When you burn body fat and increase the calories you’re burning while engaging those ab muscles, you will cut inches. The waist and hips are where a lot of people carry fat and this is precisely what a hula hoop targets.
  • Help your heart along. Like any form of cardio, when you move with a hula hoop, you increase circulation and get your heart pumping. You’re forcing your lungs to work harder as well. All in all, it’s a win-win for your cardio game and will help tone your abs while enjoying what you’re doing.

What Is The Best Hula Hoop For Exercise?

If you really want to challenge yourself with a hula hoop, the best design is perhaps the LIVINGBasics model. This is a weighted hula hoop and can be utilized in a variety of ways including for general cardio.

Connected via Bluetooth, tap into hula hoop smart workouts using MobileApp motion tracking, which will also record your performance in real-time. This makes it a little more fun to do home workouts. Whenever you do a session with your hula hoop, the app will record the duration, performance, and log it for you to move up to the next level game-style.

Do a hula hoop workout every day and see the difference. It will engage your core muscles and gets your hips moving in no time. See your abs strengthen and grow more toned by the day. Buy your hula hoop and other fitness accessories from A hula hoop is portable, inexpensive, and can give you a big workout right where you’re standing. It’s perfect for toning those abs.

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