Does A Dual Stability Ab Wheel Really Work?

How it feels after an ab wheel workout is a type of sore you may not have ever felt before. This isn’t something to avoid. All it means is you’ve worked your body right. Exercise works you, rebuilding those muscles stronger than they were before. The ab wheel is a highly effective exercise tool for this exact reason.

Why Is Your Core Important?

A dual stability ab wheel targets your core. Why the core is important is because this is where strength and control come from. When your core is properly trained, that’s when you can really start to advance to more intense, next-level workouts.

How to build your core takes time, akin to any muscle group. This involves the ab wheel and months of work.

It Looks Simple But It Isn’t

A very basic ab wheel exercise is to roll it out in front and then back. Simple, right? This is you moving around a plank position. It’s engaging all your core at once. More than your abs, this activates the arms, back, shoulder, and chest as well. The entire upper body is working to do movement with an ab wheel.

You may discover other ab wheel exercises and modifications you can use to simplify or make more difficult this ab wheel roll. Ensure you are maintaining the right form and going slow. You don’t want to become injured and have to take time off, pausing your progress on your core workout.

Where Do I Start With An Ab Wheel?

Before you start on ab wheel exercises, it’s important to tune up those core muscles a little bit. Planking is a start. You want to have decent core strength in a plank position and get your shoulders and back ready for the ab wheel. This may involve a few months of doing just regular planks.

Once you have that endurance up, you can move to the ab wheel and get going there. It’s recommended to go slow. Most jump right to the ab wheel. This might not work. If you go slow, building up into the more advanced core exercises with a dual stability ab wheel will feel much easier.

I Feel Pain With An Ab Wheel. Should I Stop?

An ab wheel should not make you feel pain. If you feel a lot of discomfort or pain, especially in your lower back, stop what you’re doing, take a few minutes to rest, and return to regular planks.

You’ve got to build that strength without overstressing your back, shoulders, wrists, and elbows. Shop high-quality fitness accessories like the dual stability ab wheel and more at

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