Most Popular Birthday Themes For Young Adults And Teens

As our children grow into young adults, creating a party that will be memorable for them can have its difficulties.

What we consider chic could be the ultimate disaster for teens and tweens. Keep in mind what your kids like and how they are with the friends they are going to be inviting. Here we can explore a few ideas to get the party planning started.

Night Games And A Bonfire

If you’re not sure what party décor and supplies you need, build around an activity.

For teens and tweens, and a coed party, a barbeque with great hamburgers and hot dogs can start the evening off. As the evening progresses you can have set up games they can play such as capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, and such.

Rounding out the night can be a bonfire with fire-friendly foods like s’mores and marshmallows roasted over the fire. Telling ghost stories or singing while sitting around the fire can be fun for teenagers as well.

Slumber Party With A Twist

Slumber parties do not need to be the boring ‘come over and a have a sleepover’ party. How about introducing your teens to making their own pizzas, cupcake decoration, a movie with everyone in sleeping bags in the living room, or in outdoor space using a projector for the movie?

Slumber parties can take on an unusual twist with a little imagination as well. Keep in mind that slumber party means ‘stay awake all night’ and be prepared to have some sleepyheads in the morning.

Creating a breakfast that your overnight guests will enjoy in the morning will round out the event.

Karaoke Night

If you don’t have one, rent a karaoke machine. There are lots of ways you can go with this, including having birthday party décor in a certain style.

Think of some costumes for your attendees to dress up in, i.e. a 1970s style. Dressing up for karaoke can be fun at any age, and you can make it as silly as you want it to be.

Scavenger Hunt

Having your guests divide into teams with decorating t-shirts with fabric markers or permanent markers, can make for a fun way to start the evening. Each person gets their own shirt and makes a team-based logo.

A clue list will have the guests not only looking for things around the neighborhood but also, you can come up with some really cool ideas, such as singing in the park and so on. Have them take pictures with their phones of the items on the list.

This is a great fun teen birthday party idea. For a coed party, the girls can compete against the boys for fun or you can guests pick their own teams.

Birthday parties don’t need to be the ‘all round the table eating birthday cake’ anymore. Have some fun with these trends and give them a great birthday party their friends will talk about for weeks. Shop party décor, party supplies, and more at

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