What Party Tableware Do You Need To Throw A Fun Party?

Let’s set the picture. A warm, summer late afternoon or early evening in your backyard. A dozen or so of your closest friends just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. What could be better?

Believe it or not, your party tableware can make a difference. They can make a party stand out without doing anything.

Here is a quick guide to some of the party tableware you’ll need and some ideas on how to feature them.


Most backyard parties have the same theme. A bunch of people sitting around with paper plates on their knees and juggling a drink. Sound familiar? Setting a mood, or atmosphere, can be relatively easy without breaking the budget. Lighting and music can certainly add to the atmosphere. Try to connect the atmosphere and party theme to the party tableware used, at least in color.


Even for the most rustic barbeque party, having drinks in a red plastic cup is leading to disaster as no one knows which drink belongs to which person. While you don’t need to get out the fine crystal, having some shatterproof party tableware plastics can eliminate the catastrophe of broken bottles or glassware. While parties can start out quite somber but lead up to a wild time, you need to be prepared for any breakages.

The Table Setting

Whether you are having hamburgers and hot dogs, a steak-and-salad buffet, or a sit-down meal, your table should look inviting and vibrant.

Food takes on a whole new dimension when it is presented in an appetizing way. Imagine your guests in awe of the food when they see it in all its glory. When eating, food isn’t judged just by its aroma. How it looks is as important as how it tastes.

Party bowls and plates to accommodate all the food in a mix of colors and patterns will look great on any table. You can also play with your party table presentation. A table can be a series of patio tables, a door on 2 sawhorses, or something equally creative. There is no need for fancy furnishings.

The Set Up

Shatterproof glassware and tableware can be fun when mixed.

Colors don’t need to match; they can be complimentary to one another or totally clash for an overall effective look. Having a bright party tablecloth brings some fun into the setting. Party silverware doesn’t have to come from your kitchen drawers or use every piece of cutlery to accommodate everyone. A simple set of premium plastic cutlery works!

Surprising your guests with a well-laid table that looks like fun will bring a completely different aspect to your party. Shop premium party tableware and more at ShopperPlus.ca.

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